Is the watchtower out to set another date?


Heed the Warning!

BOOM! On June 3, 1991, with a reverberating rumble, Mount Fugen in Japan spewed out a torrent of volcanic gases and ash. The superheated mixture poured down the slope. The eruption killed 43 people. Many who barely survived were badly burned. “Water, water, please,” some cried. Fire fighters and policemen frantically raced to help them.

A lava dome had been observed on the summit of Mount Fugen about two weeks earlier, so the authorities and inhabitants had been on the alert. For well over a week before the disaster, an advisory to evacuate the area had been given. Just a day before the eruption, the police had asked members of the press to refrain from going into the restricted area. Yet, that fatal afternoon the 43 victims were in the danger zone.

Why did so many venture into the area or remain there? Some farmers who had evacuated their homes went back to check on their belongings and fields. Three volcanologists were trying to get as near as possible to the volcano to satisfy their academic interest. A number of reporters and photographers dared to cross the off-limits line because they wanted to get a scoop on the volcanic activity. Three cab drivers hired by the press were on the scene. Policemen and volunteer fire fighters were on duty. Each had his own reason for going into the danger zone-and the consequence was that he lost his life.

Are You in a Danger Zone?
We may not all live near an active volcano. Yet, what if we were facing a global catastrophe, putting all of us in a danger zone encompassing the entire globe? A book that has proved to be a reliable source of prophetic information warns us of a coming worldwide disaster and describes it this way: “The sun will be darkened, and the moon will not give its light, and the stars will fall from heaven, and the powers of the heavens will be shaken. . . . All the tribes of the earth will beat themselves in lamentation.” (Matthew 24:29, 30) Here celestial phenomena of universal magnitude are described as affecting “all the tribes of the earth.” In other words, this prophecy relates to a catastrophe that will affect every one of us.

This book of reliable prophecy is the Bible. Interestingly, the context of the above-mentioned scripture passage gives a detailed description of things that will lead up to the global calamity. Just as the lava dome and other volcanic indicators gave the Shimabara city officials reasons for designating a danger zone, the Bible gives us reasons for being on the alert and for preparing ourselves for survival. We can learn a lesson from the tragedy at Mount Fugen and discern the gravity of what lies ahead. Please consider the timely article “Stay Out of the Danger Zone!”

Stay Out of the Danger Zone!


O goody. Let’s watch.

But since very Christian should be ready to meet his maker at any moment, and should be helping those around him to be ready as well, it really doesn’t matter if it happens in a decade, next year, or tonight.


:sleep: Nah!
It’s just the exact same song and dance from them that they’ve been singing and dancing over the past 100 + years.
I’ve been amused at how the jws and the fundamentalists regard the Book of Revelation as completely literal but John 6:6 as non literal.
They may be setting another date but as Catholics we know that “only the Father in heaven knows the day and hour”.
The jws waste a lot of time. (and trees!)


I love to point out to them all the dates they already got wrong. I usually say, “well 1914 isn’t that important in more then is it?”


I’m just wondering…did the world end in 1975 like they predicted? I wasn’t around back then, so please fill me in.:stuck_out_tongue:


The world got better. :slight_smile:

um…maybe… :confused:


I hope not, that’s the year I was born.


They will swear up and down that they never set dates for the end of the world, but the organization certainly has!:eek:


Hi Gang:

Setting specific dates is something that the Organization has finally learned not to do anymore. It has burned them way too badly particularly the one in 1975.

However, I do remember when I was a JW that we were told that the closer we got to the end of the world that the message of the JWs would become more about judgment and less about salvation.

It makes me wonder if this tract campaign is about doing that. Think about it…they go around saying nasty things about people’s beliefs and this gets the communities irritated and creates some friction and persecution for them which they then take as a sign that the end is nearer and then this motivates more of them to go from door to door. (Even though the persecution is caused by a self-fulfilling prophecy.)

In any case, that is what I am thinking about the strategy of those in charge of the Watchtower organization.

Jeff S.


The Watchtower claims to be recieving “new light”. That’s equal to claiming that they are recieving new revelations from God. That’s an indirect claim to being a prophet! Since thier dates have never come to pass, that means they are…:wink:


JW’s still believe in 1914. One who came to my door said that was the date of the Second Coming when the Lord came and collected His saints. We are now in the prophecies of Revelation.

They believe this with a passion. They insist that all the saints of Gods Kingdom knew of the Second Coming. The reason mainstream Christendom do not, is because God kept it from us


Matthew 24:36 But of that day and hour no one knoweth: no, not the angels of heaven, but the Father alone.

This is one of the scriptures JWs use to ‘disprove’ the Trinity. Odd that they never let it serve as a reason to NOT set dates!:rolleyes:


I don’t see anything about naming a new date in the articles that were linked in the first post. I think the leadership has become too sophisticated for that; or possibly they realize that many of the Witnesses are. That the end is “very near” is typical of all Witness literature throughout their history.

There is an interesting point even about 1975; it is very difficult to find one clear-cut quote where they simply came out and said “the end is coming in 1975”. What you do find are several near-statements where the conclusion to be drawn from them was that the end would come in 1975. Here is a site that documents the statements that the WT leadership produced, leading up to

The effect of those statements on the average Witnesses out in the congregations, who had been taught to pay *very close *attention to every word their leadership produced, was like a spark in a tinder-box. It is hard to think anything other than that the leadership knew exactly what they were doing in making those statements.


FYI, jw’s do not use the word saint. they do not think of anyone as saints, there is only the earthly class, and the heavenly class of people. they do not believe in the Communion of Saints, nor do they call Christians who went to heaven a saint.


Next time you see a JW ask these:

What will happen to JWs who lived and died prior to the adoption of the 2 class system doctrine?

Will JWs who followed past mistakes in doctrine made by the organization still inherit eternal life, seeing that they were following false teachings?


Don’t mean to be mean, but they will tell you that they will get a chance to follow the true path when they are resurrected. All who have not known Jehovah (as JWs know him today) will come to life again and will have 1000 yrs to prove to Jehovah they are worthy enough to live on Paradise Earth forever. ugh…


No offense taken.

I used to study with JWs. They get awfully touchy when you question the history of the organization.


In fact, they don’t want us to have their CDs, nor the ones published that dupicates their old literatures. In fact, the watchtower through use of lawyers try to close down web sites that make watcher quotes avilable online.

If one was always publishing the truth, then you think they would be over joyed that people are publishing their literature online.


You see, truth changes as they get “new light”. Truth “becomes truer”.:smiley: :rolleyes: :stuck_out_tongue:


Assuming the world did end in 1975, were you born into hell or born into heaven?:smiley:

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