Is The White House for Sale?

Maybe this isn’t an error. Maybe Obama is just looking for more change to go with his hope. :smiley:

"Is The White House for Sale?

As we looked through the latest properties to hit the market this weekend, we came across a rather famous address that is apparently now for sale: 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW – aka The White House.

Redfin has the executive lodging listed for $10 million. The 55,000 square-foot property has a price per square foot of $182.

Obviously this is an error. It looks like Redfin software pulled an example listing from the website by mistake. That example listing was the White House. We have e-mailed Redfin for comment.

Aside from the price per square foot calculation, the thing that we like best about the listing is that it is for sale by owner."


WE own it, not the current ‘occupant.’

Now why would the American people want to sell their own house? I would think the current occupants would be more of a problem than the house itself. :shrug:


The title of the thread is misleading. I thought this was about offering political favors in exchange for campaign contributions.

The White House is always for sale to some extent or other. Has there ever been a president who hasn’t “rented out” a bed in the Lincoln Bedroom or such in exchange for some tangible or intangible goods? Democrat or Republican?

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Abraham Lincoln



Keep in mind that President Harry S Truman got so alarmed at the deteriorated condition of the White House that he had the building renovated. The only original part of the White House is the front facade. Some of the interior woodwork probably was removed to a warehouse for storage. But the entire building only dates back to about 1950.

So, it is highly doubtful that any of the presidents prior to Truman slept in what is the present White House.

Well, considering Obama’s main priority right now is paying down government debt, it’s a start.


With that expensive place Pelosi has though, she must have not gotten the memo.

At a $182 per square foot that’s bargain basement pricing for most places, especially Washington, DC.


The property is not. We technically own it.

However the occupant and his staff are for sale. The buyers are executives of large corporations and Chinese government. Same buyers for the past 20 years.

If you believe that, then why bother voting?

Because we can still vote for who ever we want. Sooner or later this country will wake up and realize they (we) are being taken for a ride that only benifits a very select few. You have the Republican on the right winning majority of the time by distortion, lies, half-truths, fear. All the while supporting large corporations to pollute, kill, favorite trade status’s with communist and oppressive dictatorships.

Democrats promise to change it all but only do not have the will and are subscribing to same corporatism and unfair trade. They only make the promises to maintain their perks, better than average American healthcare, six figure plus salaries.

There is no difference in parties anymore. They have bankrupt the country. Even the Tea Party people are being taken for a ride.

We can not give up and work at taking our country back.

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