Is the world getting worse?

It seems to me like it is, but since I’ve been here about 20 years I don’t have much to go on. Is it? What are your thoughts?

Yes I think so. There are many wars and murders around the earth.

The Middle East is in utter chaos. The Syrian Civil War has been universally recognized as the worst humanitarian tragedy since World War II. There is no end in sight. The conflict has spilled out into Lebanon. Now Iraq and parts of Syria are controlled by a Jihadist terror state that claims to be a caliphate and which is mass murdering people indiscriminately.

Russia is destabilizing and has just apparently invaded the eastern Ukraine, a country in Europe, after annexing the Crimea. A war on Europe’s doorstep beckons, as does a growing escalation between NATO and Russia, all the whole foreboding the prospect of future Russian incursions into other former Soviet bloc nations.

A Chinese war plane just a few days ago came far too close to a US ship and the US has accused China of violating the sovereign airspace of Taiwan. All the while there is an increasing showdown between China and Japan over a chain of disputed islands, as well as between China and the Philippines, China and Vietnam and other nations in the far east over its increasing territorial aggression…

I could go but you surely get the image. The world is in a state of chaos I have never seen in my lifetime at least.

If you watch too much of the news you can get depressed and get an unrealistic picture of the world, as they report mostly on bad news.

Last century we had world wars where tens of millions of people were killed. There has been nothing approaching that this century.

Life expectancy has been increased steadily in the 19th and 20th centuries due to improvements in sanitation, housing and education. And goes on increasing.

Economic well being has improved for most people. Of course millions still live in poverty and starvation.

Despite the all the problems, and not underestimating the problems, life in general, for most people on the planet, has improved and has the potential to get better.

True, however I was not alive when the Two World Wars took place. In my lifetime, this is the most destabilized I have seen the world. Even during the Cold War there was at least a modicum of stability and predictability in the balance of power between the two superpowers.

Everything you have said regarding progress is true, nevertheless it does not change the fact that we have intractable conflicts in Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, Libya, Ukraine, Palestine/Israel and the Far East that the UN and international community seem incapable of solving.

The Syrian Civil War is now universally recognized as the greatest humanitarian catastrophe since World War II. This is not my assessment.

Yes, much worse.

I’m no expert, but I do not think the world is any worse than it has been in other times throughout history. Maybe I’m just an optimist, but it seems like times of relative prosperity and peace run in cycles with times of troubles and chaos. There has never been a perfect time in this world since after the fall of man, and our time is no different. Many of us have a tendency to only focus on the bad, like Eeyore: “Woe is me!”, but there is still much good in this world!

I’m no historian, but even the modest amount of study I’ve done of history, including reading the Old Testament, it would appear that indeed there is nothing new under the Sun.

Human nature seems to be pretty much as it has always been.

I mostly agree, though I have to point out that this century is still young, and has a reasonable amount of massacres going on right now.

I think the best answer to the question is “in some respects yes, in some respects no.” Combining all of the myriad of problems and solutions that have been popping up to get a handle on what is happening to the world as a whole would, I think, be impossible to do with any accuracy.

I don’t think so. I think technology has just afforded Man new and different ways to be cruel.
Just looking at history eg. holocaust, slavery, Rwandan civil war etc. we see that Man has been doing evil stuff all along.

I would certainly say yes, it is. Especially in these last few years, let alone this one. I am finding myself shocked more and more each day. It was one think to know things like this may happen in my lifetime, but it is a whole different ball game to see it actually happen before my eyes.

Also, modern technology provides the ability to see what’s happening all over the world quickly and graphically!

I agree, I am 77 years old and I have seen so may drastic changes in our world. Morally speaking it’s a disaster. Our own dear Country has nearly eliminated God from every part of our society. God help us. God Bless, Memaw

Just remember there was no mass media (cable news, internet) when the Black Death was around or when the Huns were sweeping across Asia or Islam was being spread across north Africa and what is now Spain and southern France. Every time has it’s good and bad. :shrug: :thumbsup:

I know you are trying to look on the brighter side… but around the globe societies are trying to make life without God and in MO, that is much worse. So many people don’t even have a chance to know there is God… that’s sad…

:eek: :gopray2:

My thoughts exactly.

There are certainly times when civilizations were brutal and this is still happening in certain countries. Morally, I think we are much worse off. Just turn on the tv and see how many programs you can find that are uplifting or with good moral standards. Not much. In the 50s and 60s there were tv shows that may have been silly but the characters usually did the right thing in the end. Now, all you see are programs suggesting sexual promiscuity is perfectly ok, shows about “mean” girls and other such things. This is what the children are watching and learning from today.

But just because it wasn’t being shown on tv didn’t mean it wasn’t happening. :D:D:D

It reflects the mentality of society as a whole.

Before you had family shows with good characters. Now we have reality shows that display the immoral lives of celebs in a glorifying manner. Music and songs used to say “I love you” now they say “I’ll push your panties to the side” and “Tonights gonna be a good night.”

These songs and shows are directed at impressionable young kids too. The next generation is going to be much more brutal than this one.

Sure immorality always existed, the difference now is that its mainstream, normal, and accepted by the general majority.

Most definitely things are much worse.

First, Terrorism. Perhaps it was not as well known years ago,
but now it is a serious terrible threat no one knows how to deal with.

Second. Continued wars, and new wars as others have already mentioned.

Third. Pollution. What we don’t destroy by war we ruin with pollution: especially
our air and water. We do not use resources to be free of fossil fuels. Bye 2050
these may be gone and perhaps our next war will be over any remaining oil.

Fourth: We don’t respect nature. We denude forests and allow the destruction
of innocent species. The elephant will be extinct in 6 years if we do not stop
poachers now.

Fifth: Nuclear proliferation. US and Russia are no longer the only mad bombers.
Radical idiots now have nuclear weapons and while these may not be top of the line
they will cause great problems if they use them, and they will.

These are just a few of the miserable things that have happened in the last 50 years.
While there have been advances in medicine and possible is feeding the world,
I really don’t see how this wonderful planet is “better” recently because we keep
screwing up.

No, things are much worse. I pray it does not continue. May God save
the elephants.

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