Is theoretically Possible to demons change their minds?

Hello, I would like to know if Demons and Satan are 100% sure of their decisions of Hell? There’s no coming back for them?

I was reading about Hell and it says that the eternity of Hell will not have passage of Time, the eternity of Hell will be like “it is frozen” something absolute, and the passage of Time is associate with Free-will like: “Tomorrow i can change my mind, what i think today i can change my mind at night and so on…” And the demons are being reached by this changes so i would like to know if it is theoretically possible to them to change their minds or we can say with abosolute certanty that there is no escape for them? THanks.

I wouldn’t think so. My understanding is that a devil’s mind is powerful and set. For one reason or another they hate God. Also hell is forever. Once there, you can never leave. These fallen angels causing chaos here on earth would seem to be in a way, just awaiting sentence.

Satan and his devils as well as God and the angels live outside of time. In an “ever present now” meaning that we can’t look at them in the constraint of time as we look at each other. Their choose was, is, and wil be made as they are not physical beings.

Satan was the highest order of angel. Angels have a higher intellect than we do, so he had full understanding of what it was he was rejecting. At that moment, with his vast knowledge of God, he fully rejected Him. As humans, we have limited understanding. We have the ability to be mistaken in our thoughts and our judgments. As we learn and reach a higher understanding of an issue, we may be enlightened enough to change our minds. Angels have different attributes than we do, so it’s a bit different for them.

St. Thomas deals with this in S.T. I, Q64, a2. Evania has the gist of it.

Yesterday, I was listening to a lecture by an Orthodox priest.

He told of a case where a possessed man came to a Saint and asked for a blessing.
The Saint said “Who do you want to change, you or those inside you?”
The demons took over the body and responded, “Why should we change? It’s God’s fault we are here, we said we would not serve him and for that little offense he threw us out of heaven. He’s in the wrong, not us. He should be done away with and we should be allowed in heaven.”

The speaker was giving examples of how pride can blind us. And, with this attitude, you can see, the idea of repentance is not even on the horizon.

Angels are a different nature than humans. They were given a choice, a permanent one, whether to serve God or not. And they permanently fixed their will on one or the other. We humans are different. We are much more limited in our intellects and knowledge, and limited in our awareness of God than they are. And God put us within time, and gave us the ability to change our minds on things for a temporary amount of time. But this will come to an end at our death. The decisions we have made on earth will become permanent, our wills will remain fixed on our decision to serve God or not.

This is also why once we have died, and eventually entered Heaven (after some time in Purgatory) our wills will be fixed, and we will no longer be able to sin, and so will not toss ourselves out of Heaven. (And the same is true for those who end up in hell, their wills at death are permanently fixed on disobedience.)

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