Is there 1 event that made you a believer. In jesus?


Is there 1event. That convinced. You. 2 believe in jesus


No. It was a long series of events.


I am a cradle Catholic, but I didn’t really take the faith as my own until maybe the summer of the 7th grade… There is a great Catholic summer camp in my area ( parents if you are looking go to and look around its a great ministry) and that week of camp I really encountered the love of Christ through the Eucharist… It changed my life.


The birth of Jesus…I was six weeks old when I was carried into Church for my Baptism, don’t remember much…Seriously, ever since I was old enough to understand, my mom would tell us the story surrounding Mary;;;;;;;;;Joseph The Birth of Jesus :heart: From then on it was easy, for you felt it in your heart, and you knew…you just knew…:butterfly::butterfly::butterfly:. …


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