Is there 1thing that solidified your religious belief in Jesus?


Is there 1thing that solidified your religious belief in Jesus? And you faith?


He died for me, a sinner so that I may live eternally in Heaven with Him. No one else has done that for me.


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Everything in my life that led me to Jesus seems to be beyond coincidence. It seems to me that I was unknowingly being led to Him my entire life.


Love! It was love that confirmed it for me. I was on a retreat, and literally told God the whole time “This is it. Show me if You’re real here, in these tree days, or I’m done looking for You.” And He did! At the time I thought 3 days was a lifetime to give to God, but I meant that prayer, and God knew I was truly searching. Because of that, He revealed Himself to me through the love I experienced at the retreat. It was a love beyond anything I ever experienced in my whole life up to that point, so I “reconverted” after that!

I was raised Catholic but went astray in high school cause I didn’t understand why sooooo many people believed sooooo many different things about God. I had decided none could be proven to be true, so I would pick and choose :roll_eyes: Thank God He saved me!


The fact that this man somehow caused the Jews who had kept their tradition for thousands of years to abandon their traditions to follow Him really gives credence to the whole Him-being-God thing. Historical things like this and the fact that many men were convinced they’d seen the risen Christ really strengthen my belief in Christ. Fulfilled biblical prophecies are also a big thing for me.

I think the biggest thing that causes my doubt is that, since I don’t see all these miracles happening today that happened when Jesus was here, sometimes it gets a bit tricky to believe that it’s all real and not just some really complex legend.


The Holy Eucharist. From the very first time I ever received Holy Communion, I knew that Jesus really loved me and I loved Him.


The way the Apostles (except John) died horrible painful martyrs’ deaths and they all stuck to their story that they saw him arisen.


I was raised in a Christian home. I don’t even remember the first time I attended church. I was born into the faith. How I became a Catholic is a whole other story. Seeing the miraculous image of Our Lady of Guadalupe also solidified it for me.


Literally being zapped by the Holy Spirit after praying the sinners prayer.


No @jimcarry . I was born into a Catholic family .

I was not born a Catholic , because no one is born a Catholic , but some still mistakenly keep saying that .

I was baptised when I was just over three weeks old .

So early in life I became an adopted beloved son of the Father , a member of the Body of Christ and a temple of the Holy Spirit .

That must mean something .

I suppose that in a process which has been going on for more than 72 years God has gradually been making me aware of my true identity .

In ups and downs , it has been a slow process of enlightenment . Not one thing , but many small things .

And the adventure is still going on .

Plus I am pleased to say that CAF is at times , but not always , part of this adventure .


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