Is there a Better Business Bureau of Catholic Parishes?


Is there any easy way in going about to finding the right Catholic church for me? Like a Better Business Bureau of Catholic Churches? I know that no one is perfect and that maybe not all churches teach the Catholic religion correctly or that there might have been issues before with a particular parish. I am not currently strong within the Catholic community yet since I am still learning, so I am not to sure how to help my search.


I am not aware of a “Better Business Bureau-type”-agency that tracks the orthodoxy of Catholic parishes; and, even should one exist, one would first have to be certain of the orthodoxy of the agency in question before it could be recommended.

I suggest talking to those Catholics in your area whose orthodoxy and spiritual maturity you trust and admire, and ask them for suggestions for a good parish within your diocese. If you have an orthodox Catholic apostolate or university within your diocese, you can also call its office and ask for suggestions.

That said, please also be aware that a weak parish can improve over time if its members are committed to orthodoxy and its priests are open to change. And, also be aware that even a parish whose orthodoxy is suspect will most likely be offering valid sacraments. While it is ideal to receive the sacraments from a holy and orthodox parish, the validity of the sacraments does not depend on the holiness and orthodoxy of any individual, including a priest.

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