Is there a bible in Nagalik language?

It is the language of Papua New Guinea. I know Christians there and there are efforts being made to translate the bible into Ngalik. Are there Catholic Churches there which have the Scriptures in there language?

Sorry, correction to my mispelling Ngalik in my thread question.

I tried to look at the church diocese websites to find out any information, but the server would not allow me to access. :shrug:

Has the Church not undergone an effort to provide the Scriptures in Ngalik? How do they read from Scripture to them???

There is a list here of languages in PNG which have the Scriptures, but Nagalik is not among them. Still, since they have, IIRC, around 900 languages, that is not too surprising.

Wow! Not an easy answer or solution! This country is the most complex for languages! Thanks for the post and link.

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