Is there a book about the Mass?



Can anyone recommend a good book for young kids about the Mass and/or the Eucharist? My five year old is beginning to ask questions and I’m doing my best to answer them, but I tend to give too much information, and I don’t want her to lose interest. :o


I’m not sure if you are looking for teaching material specifically, or if you are just trying to encourage your child to love the mass.

If the latter, there are some fictional children’s stories – eg: “the weight of one mass” – is a book quite popular with my kids at that age…

My five year old is having trouble paying attention in mass, but by about age 6 that usually settles down (I have 4 examples of this happening – 5 boys in all).


A little of both, actually. We’re fortunate enough to attend a parish that is pretty kid-friendly, but it would be good if they could kind of understand, from early on, what’s going on, and not just follow along like little lemmings. (I did youth ministry for a time and when asking teenagers when life began, they all dutifully answered “at conception.” However, not one of them could tell me what “conception” means.)

It’s good to know that I can look forward to better behavior with my kids when it comes to church. Seldom do I make it through an entire Mass without having to take SOMEONE out for misbehaving or fussing too much. I know it’s what we signed on for as parents, but it is frustrating at times.


We have a book called “The How-To Book of the Mass” by Michael Dubruiel. There are lots of how to questions and answers. It explains the Liturgy of the word and Eucharist, Walks you through the Mass, includes helpful hints and insights from Tradition. It may be something that could help answer the questions your child has. I believe my husband ordered it from Our Sunday Visitor. God bless


The St. Joseph book “Mass for Children” is good. My daughter likes it.

I can’t personally vouch for the following books, but from what I have heard, they are wonderful!
The Mass Book for Children
Little Acts of Grace


Those St. Joseph books are GREAT - you can get a boxed set of 26 titles here

Some of the titles are My Picture Missal, I Believe in God, Mary My Mother,The Ten Commandments, The Seven Sacraments,The Miracles of Jesus, The Angels, God Loves Us All, Good St. Joseph, The Holy Rosary, The Apostles of Jesus, St. Francis of Assisi, My First Prayer Book, St Paul the Apostle, St. Peter the Apostle, The Parables of Jesus, Following Jesus, My Friend Jesus, My Day With Jesus, Book of Saints(1), Book of Saints (2), St. Elizabeth Ann Seton, Blessed Kateri Tekakwitha, The Stations of the Cross, The Feasts of Jesus and The Teaching of Jesus


wow…looks like I came to the right place! :smiley: Thanks everyone!!


My wife can, that’s one of the other two we have – or had –
one of them went to the neighbors, and we don’t know if
we’ll ever see it again – can’t remember the title… :smiley:

(My wife)

“The Mass Book for Children” by Rosemarie Gortler & Donna Piscetelli
It is part of a series of books by these authors to educate kids about
aspects of the faith.
It’s basically explanation of each parts/rites of the Holy Mass.–G


I’ll suggest “The Holy Mass in My Pocket” for explanations, gorgeous pictures, and affordability:

Also, there’s “My First Missal”

I hope you find one you (and she!) like!


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