Is there a Catholic Television Service similar to Sky Angel?

I don’t have cable, and I was looking into Sky Angel as an alternative… but Sky Angel only has three Catholic channels. I want all Catholic channels :p! I think there are more than three Catholic channels out there, even if they are local to certain areas. Is there a Catholic tv service provider similar to Sky Angel? I don’t think there is, but I wanted to ask just in case.

My first thought was: what is Sky Angel?

Here is what their website says:

Sky Angel is a revolutionary television service that uses your high-speed Internet service to deliver over 75 faith and family channels - not to your computer - but directly to your TV. The service comes with the Sky Angel receiver box that delivers a digital-quality picture and does not require an outside dish, antenna, or professional installation.

In addition, Sky Angel provides subscribers with the ability to maximize their viewing experience through innovative features such as 48-hour playback on faith-based TV channels and one of the largest faith and family Video On Demand (VOD) libraries available anywhere.

Start enjoying quality faith-based television programming and take comfort knowing your family is watching programs that are encouraging, inspiring, and rooted in Godly principles.

Through the faith and perseverance of our late founder, Robert W. Johnson, Sky Angel has been a pioneer in providing wholesome faith and family TV and radio programming to homes for more than a decade. We continue to deliver faith-based entertainment choices in a day and age when the secular media is not always in tune with our Christian values. Sky Angel is committed to reinforcing the values you cherish by offering Christ-centered and family-friendly programming that will renew your faith in television - now over 75 channels!

My second question was: what are the three Catholic channels?

  1. EWTN, of course
  2. something called CatholicTV (I’m not familiar with it)
  3. ??

EWTN Spanish :slight_smile:

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