Is there a Confirmation and First Communion For The Sick?

Hello, My father is quite sick and I don’t think he has much time left with us. I’ve been evangelizing him and he would like to become Catholic. Everyone in my family is Catholic but he is a non practicing Lutheran. Since he cannot devote the time for RCIA, does the Church do a type.of “emergency first communion and confession”? We are all worried for his soul, especially with the small amount of time left for him.
Also, what is the standard practice if it’s possibe?

Yes, in such situations the RCIA process can be “waived.” The supreme law of the Church is the salvation of souls (canon 1752) and when someone is in danger of death any priest can confer the sacrament of confirmation (canon 883, 3).

Your local parish priest should be able to swiftly establish the facts of your father’s condition and perform an adopted for circumstances liturgy of entrance into the Church and completion of the sacraments of initiation for him. If he is unsure or unwilling to do so, then you should contact your diocesan bishop’s office to arrange for this.

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