Is there a connection between the Pill and HIV/AIDS?

As per this study there is. However, the pill is still a safe form of contraception as long as both parties don’t have HIV and AIDS. The underlying problem here IMO is that people are sexually active with HIV/AIDS.

erm… this seems to be another example of Life Site News playing loose with the facts.

First they cite two or three studies (their citations are incomplete, so it is hard to tell), one from 2005 and one from 2009 (and possibly one from 2003), which conclude there seems to be an association between HIV progression in women and hormonal contraception. But these studies state a need for additional research.

Life Site then waves away those conclusions and states that the best research was a meta-analysis from 1999 (!) That meta-analysis says that the relationship between HIV and oral contraceptives was small, and the mechanism of association unknown. The meta-analysis concludes by urging the use of condoms, in addition to female contraception… and specifically includes the use of oral contraceptives.

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