Is There a Connection between Vaccines Made with Aborted Fetal Cells and Autism

Posted for information purposes - I don't have personal position on this one way or the other.

I would doubt it At the very least, more research should be done before such a claim is asserted as truth.

I neither doubt nor tend to believe it. But it seems plausible enough to me that more study should be done. Stanek does not assert it as “truth.”

[quote="Michael_Forrest, post:3, topic:195652"]
Stanek does not assert it as "truth."


I never said they did ;)

Hahahaha! To “not have an opinion” in a case such as this is a “name for indifference, which is an elegant name for ignorance” as Chesterton says.

The link between vaccines and autism has been thoroughly investigated and disproved.

See here for a discussion

To be more precise, the link has been vetted thoroughly, and it could not be demonstrated. Proving a negative and all that. There may be some link, but it would have to be infinitesimal.

If you hear anyone jumping up and down about a so-called link, you may be assured they are not credible.

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CDC On Autism and Vaccines

Maybe, maybe not. But I read an article some years ago where the pharmaceutical companies have spent literally millions of dollars suppressing studies that show a definite link between birth control pills and autism. I haven't seen anything else about that since then. That was about four or five years ago.

No link has ever been shown to exist.

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