Is there a Contemplative monastery with TLM and Gregorian Chant

HI, I’ve felt the call to contemplative monasticism for the last 5 years (I became a catholic 5 years ago). I have also recently fell in love with the TLM. I would love to one day become a monk in a contemplative monastery that says the TLM and the Divine Office in chanted Latin. The problem is, I don’t know of any.

So are there any Contemplative Monasteries that say the TLM and the Divine Office in Latin that are in communion with Rome (i.e. not part of SSPX)?

Thank you in advance and God bless,

There are others in communion with Rome, but I cannot find the internet addresses for them (I know they exist on the internet). Hopefully others will be more helpful than I!

Pax tecum.

The Clear Creek Monks have a wonderful collection of CDs of Gregorian Chant for a small donation.

Don’t know about the TLM and Gregorian Chant, but check this one out:

There are two that I know of. - Benedictines in Oklahoma - Carmelites in Wyoming

Both of these are excellent monasteries!

You could always be hardcore and go Carthusian :thumbsup:

Note: I don’t think they use the TLM, but their rite was old enough at the time of Trent that the pope let them keep using it.

Starting in June of this year they will be selling their own brand of coffee and a double handled coffee mug. I could do without the “Mystic Monk Coffee” logo, but the unusual coffee mug sounds interesting:

[]The double-handed mug is our special Carmelite mug that we use in the refectory. It is an old custom in Carmel that we drink using two hands as a sign of gratitude for the gifts of food that God provides from our benefactors.

I just found out about this Monastery. There is camping close by…and it is about a 114 mile round trip from where I live. I am excited about going.

Good Luck in your search!

If you wouldn’t mind speaking French and being in France - there are 2 great traditional monastries - Fongombault and Barroux. The latter I am visiting with my Father in August for a week. Should be enormous fun. :smiley:

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