Is there a Eastern Rite version of EWTN?

I know ewtn has a Show called light of the East, but is there a Eastern Catholic version of EWTN since ewtn is mainly aimed at Roman Catholics?

Not to my knowledge. Mother Angelica and the Friars are Fransican, therefor the Latin Rite.

To my knowledge, there is no TV network that presents 24/7 programming on the Eastern Churches. You will find a more federated arrangement among them and your best bet is to seek out major websites and take advantage of the videos provided.

My initial search brought up two good sources of multimedia: The Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America, and the Byzantine Catholic Church in the USA. I’d love to hear other sources where we can watch good Eastern videos! Certainly we all know that YouTube can be searched!

EWTN does an admirable job of providing programming on both “lungs” of the Catholic Church.

Light of the East (although new episodes would be welcome) is a prime example.

I’d recommend “Where God Weeps” - not exclusively Eastern in orientation, but the plight of some of the Eastern Churches in the modern era is well chronicled in the series.

BTW - the closest one might find, although web-based, is the OrientaleLumenTV website:

While it is designed primarily to highlight the privately-supported Orientale Lumen Conferences, there are many videos and clips of great interest, featuring thought leaders, luminaries and dignitaries from the Catholic and Orthodox global communities. This ministry was founded by a Byzantine Catholic and has the Melkite Greek Catholic Patriarch, Gregorios III, as its patron.

They have broadcast the Divine Liturgy of several Churches for specific occasions,

"Cathedrals Across America: Enthronement of William C. Skurla as the 5th Metropolitan Archbishop of the Archeparchy of Pittsburg” was broadcast on EWTN Sunday, May 6 and again Monday, May 7. That was a two hour broadcast.

The Enthronement can still be seen here.

Take a look at OLTV:

Don’t know; but if such a network does exist, I think Ukraine is the most likely place to find it.

The folks in the Ukraine, UGCC and the Ruthenians alike, are surprising sophisticated in this regard. While not a TV network, both Churches actively post to well maintained YouTube channels which, but for language barrier for some perhaps, provide regular updates and rather interesting videos.

Ruthenian Eparch of Mukachevo: LogosTVUzhgorod or

Also, in the Ukraine, they are not afraid to broadcast major events of the Churches on mainstream television. The recent enthronement of the Metropolitan Archbishop of L’viv was broadcast in its entirety (nearly 3 hrs).

Enthronement of Metropolitan Archbishop of L’viv, Vladyka Ihor Vozniak (part 1 of 2)
Enthronement of Metropolitan Archbishop of L’viv, Vladyka Ihor Vozniak (part 2 of 2)

There are multilple.

The Maronites, Melkites, and Syriacs in Lebanon jointly run TeleLumiere.

The Copts have CYC and CopticTV on Satellite

The Syro-Malabar Catholics, Syro-Malanakara Catholics, Latin Catholics, Malankara Orthodox, Syriac Orthodox in India, Knanaya Catholics, and Knanaya Syriac Orthodox jointly run ShalomTV (although it belongs to the two Eastern Catholic Churches).

The Syro-Malabars, Syro-Malankara, and Latins also run DivineTV.

There are also smaller online operations like:
Malankara Orthodox - GregorianTV
Syriac Orthodox - Teshmeshto

There’s Light of the East Radio, Byzantine Catholic

Mainly Maronite masses from Lebanon, but also occasionally Antiochian Orthodox, Melkite or Armenian liturgies and special events:

Enthronement of Bishop John Issam Darwish in Zahle:

Enthronement of Metropolitan Cyril Salim Boustros in Beirut:

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