Is there a former Catholic currently Protestant theologian who doesn't bash Catholicism?


This actually is an honest question. It came up in another thread and did not really have anything to do with that thread’s topic at all. So the question is again “Is there a former Catholic, current Protestant theologian who doesn’t bash Catholicism?” Thanks!


I think in the context of what you are asking…the label of protestant theologian is an oxymoron. What you simply have is a self excommunicated misguided individual on a very slippery slope.


I think your answer is going to depend on what you mean by “bash”. It is axiomatic that a convert from the Catholic faith to the Protestant faith is going to hold beliefs contrary to the Catholic faith. The same is true when the roles are reversed, that is you could just as easily ask, with the same likely response, “Is there a former Protestant currently Catholic theologian who doesn’t bash Protestantism?”


I think the best thing to do is look for revert theologians and you will probably find that this is one of two paths. The other is what I guess I might call a darkness of christianity where people’s hearts are hardened, not unlike the Pharoah’s. The differece is the hardness of their heart is rooted in Christ. I think oxymoron is a good word here.

When someone leaves the Church they obviously do because they see something wrong there. Then when they leave they need to justify themselves especially when they leave a family of poorly catechised hard hearted Catholics.

Hopefully when they leave, it is in genuine love for Christ, not anger at the Church (oxymoronic). Then their closeness to Christ should foster a desire to learn of Him through Holy Scripture and Holy Tradition. Done properly, it can only bring them back to the Magisterium.


Yeah I would list Rob Bowman and Ken Samples, both formerly of Christian Research Institute. Sure they’ll debate Catholicism, but they are friendly and fair. :slight_smile:

Bowman debated Scott Hahn in “The Ultimate Challenge Debate”

Samples debated Fr. Mitch Pacwa (same debate) and had Scott Hahn on “Bible Answer Man” in 1990

Phil P


Yes, you could ask that question. Though that would be for a different thread. But she would like to add that she is one former Protestant who doesn’t bash Protestantism. Still I like the comment you posted on this.

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