Is there a good chance my mom will go to heaven or hell?

My mom is about to die. She was validly baptised as a Prebyterian, as an infant. She was a VERY moral and loving person, but not religious in the slightest. She believed in God, but I don’t know how orthodox her beliefs were. I know she prayed but she never went to church or talked about Jesus. Assuming she did not commit a mortal sin, is it more likely she will go to heaven or hell? I’m in so much torment worrying about her eternal soul.


Your mom sounds like a very good person who did not have the gift of faith, other than to believe in God in a rather general way. Faith is not something that we can give to ourselves. It is very possible that she did as well as she could with what she had and will be in heaven or purgatory. I suggest that you pray for the repose of her soul as will we.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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