Is there a good place to buy sacramentals?


Does anyone know a good place to buy things like medals, crucifixs, things like that?


The Cukierski Family Apostolate



I already have it in my favorites, the thing is, the language they use sort of gets me, it’s like those TV infomercials “but wait theres more!”. And it looks great, but I’m sort of skeptical, how could they possibly get all those relics and such? It sounds too good to be true.


I almost always go to my local shop, Mancuso’s. Their website is

Also look at these: for rare and interesting sacramentals like blessed salt, prayer cloths, etc.–lots of free stuff there (Lewis & Company) is where I like to get bits and bobs for Rosary making (base metal, pewter, sterling, and gold filled) and also inexpensive medals and jewelry. has extraordinary bronze and sterling reproductions of antique Rosary parts and medals.
For precious metal religious jewelry, ask your local jeweler if they can order through Stuller. Excellent quality, but wholesale only.
And last but not least, there’s my Rosary shop, There are also many other sellers on Etsy who sell handmade religious goods, and many of them are listed in my favorites, which you can access from my shop page. (Sorry, I know we’re not supposed to advertise, but you did ask…)
And an afterthought, I’ve found lots of good stuff on eBay, estate sales, antique stores, thrift stores, and pawn shops. If there’s a reasonable chance that the seller would know, I like to ask if the item has been blessed (so as not to trade in blessed items), but the seller is usually not the original owner and doesn’t know, so having exercised due diligence I don’t worry about it.

You didn’t say just what you were looking for…


If they are selling relics, that is forbidden and I would avoid doing any business with them.


They sell Third class relics, no 2nd or 1st. They take things and claim to have them touched to first class relics, making them 3rd class, I think you can sell third class relics. Also, some items they will have blessed by their parish priest if you want to, for free, after you pay for them.


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