Is there a Limbo?


“…And she said: An old man cometh up, and he is covered with a mantle. And Saul understood that it was Samuel, and he bowed himself with his face to the ground, and adored. And Samuel said to Saul: Why hast thou disturbed my rest, that I should be brought up?” I Kings 28: 14 - 15

This passage seems to indicate the existence of a realm of rest below, for the Old Testament Saints. What is the Church’s current teaching on Limbo?:harp:


Yes for the Old Testament saints. Uncertain for non-wicked heathens.


This is the Limbo of the Limbo of the Fathers, aka the Bosom of Abraham, where the souls of the just rested until Jesus opened the gates of Heaven to them.

Not to be confused with the Limbo of the Unbaptized, the destination of unbaptized infants. This is speculation and has been neither accepted nor rejected by the Church.


To add a little to what Joe Kelly answered nicely, the Old Testament saints were taken to Heaven after the Resurrection of Christ. It was also called Hades, and it was the holding place of the souls of the dead, with a chasm that divided the lost and the saved. The lost is still there and they will be raised at Judgment Day and will be cast body and soul into the Lake of Fire.


Since you’ve brought up this sensitive subject. I wonder what happens to such infants. If your an infant, without reason or experience. Some one has to be taking care of them until they are mentally developed to act on there own. You don’t immediately become adults when you die! :shrug:


The lack of cognitive capabilities associated with infancy is a product of physical organs. Every deceased soul has the capability to make rational decisions.


Okay. But, the entire spectrum of thought is based on learning and experience. Which a new person, even without a body … doesn’t have! Some has to teach you how to think. So somebody is teaching people in these circumstances. :smiley:


Like angels, the deceased have instantaneous cognition (the ability to think instantly), as such the learning process that you refer to would take literally no time at all.


Note that this applies to the mentally disabled as well as to infants.



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