Is there a limit in God's power?


Ex.) Creating a substance heavier than he can carry?


“A mans got to know his limitations” Can we say the same for God ?


He can’t do the logically impossible. For example, God cannot make a square circle because it ceases to be what a circle is.


There is no limit to God’s power. The same can be said for His love.


God can’t create logic impossibilities. There are also things that defy His nature that He will never do.



I think before we can make assumptions about what God can or cannot do, an exhaustive understanding of what constitutes the properties of an infinite Being must be attempted first, within the proper confines of Catholic doctrine for starters I’m guessing.

We could possibly begin, for the sake of argument, start by asking ourselves what it means to exist on a supernatural level. God is a supernatural Being who is neither dictated nor constrained by the limitations of the material existence. So He cannot therefore create a ‘substance’, for example that could potentially become heavier than He could carry. Furthermore, the ability to ‘carry’ something implies the requisite necessity to assume a bodily or material existence to do so, and gravitational forces of some sort to go with it. God as a pure spirit is everywhere while everything every where has its being from God. So God being infinite in nature is existence and life at its ultimate fullest. This is a necessary prerequisite for the existence of everything else subordinated and sub-classed to Him. And everything initially created, Eden as an example, was made to follow God’s every command. And His every command is very logical indeed!

I hope this helps to clarify a few things.


No. There is no limit


Can God create an object heavier than he can move? No
Can God create an object and state ‘This object shall never be moved’ and therefore it will not move (by God or anyone else)? Yes


God can’t tell a lie.


My mind hurts… is there a cliff notes?

Can God change or undo past potential events if praying about the matter to not have occurred?


There’s two ways to answer this question.

Some theologians say yes. God has every possible capacity within his power, but there is no such thing as a real capacity to make such a contradiction. There is no real capacity to create a square circle, or a real capacity to make a rock so heavy even he can’t lift it.

Others say no, God can make a rock so heavy even he can’t lift it. Then he’ll lift it anyway. Because contradictions ain’t no problem for God. If you admit he can do the logically impossible, then he can do both.

I take the former position.


Theologians like Saint Thomas Aquinas would say no. There is no real capacity for God to make untrue what he has made true.


No limit to God’s power. These sorts of nonsensical things are old news. God doesn’t do non-things like make a 4 sided triangle (because that just a quadrilateral, not a triangle— words have meaning) or make a rock so heavy he can’t lift it, that’s also a non thing.


I cannot quote any examples, nor am I any authority, but is that doubting God’s omnipotence and power via faith?

Haven’t such miracles been performed or prayer said to change such things?


God created the universe, can he lift it?

Can God make anything bigger than the universe?

If he did, then could he lift it?

These are all fun questions, but what can you possibly gain by searching for answers?

Only God knows the answer, and it seems he is not telling us. :smiley:


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