Is there a list of antic-Catholic Christian speakers?

I have no idea which forum this question would fall under, so I just randomly picked one.
I have opened a library in my parish with both Christian and Catholic books, and teaching CD’s. There is no way that I can review every item that is added, so I want to know if there is anywhere that I can check out some of the Christian authors and speakers to make sure that the anti-Catholic ones are not in the library.
I was recently given a CD from a friend trying to ‘save’ me from the Catholic faith. The CD was by David Jeremiah, who I have listened to many times on Christian radio. I was shocked at what he said about our faith, and have made sure that I don’t have any of his materials in the library. I would like to make sure no other Christian authors that are anti-Catholic are in there either.

I believe Joyce Meyer is very anti-Catholic.

That’s interesting, because she is one of the speakers that I have allowed in my library because I have never heard her speak out against our faith. I will have to check into that. The worst one’s that I have heard are Dr. David Jeremiah and Jimmy Swaggart.

Dr. David Jeremiah is anti-Catholic? Do you have a source for that statement?

What is your source for this statement?

Do you have the name of that CD by David Jeremiah?

Ummm, Catholics ARE Christians, so - perhaps you mean you have both Catholic and Non-Catholic authors/speakers in your library?

Best rule of thumb, if it is a Catholic library, stock only Catholic resources. Catholics should go to Catholic sources to learn about faith, get inspiration, knowledge, etc. There is enough to drive a Catholic library volunteer crazy just sorting through the non-orthodox Catholic stuff!

A ‘friend’ trying to save me from the evils of being a Catholic, gave this CD for me to listen too. I was shocked, because I have listened to David Jeremiah for a long time, and never suspected that he felt this way about Catholics. In researching him I also found out that he is also very new age.
The CD is marketed by Turning Point and the name of it is “Escape the Coming Night” The End of False Religion.
He states in the CD that he once slipped into a Catholic church with a video camera and filmed “those poor Catholics coming back from Communion, all with a look of hopelessness on their faces”.
Needless to say, I didn’t make it through the whole CD.

I may have mispoke with that statement. I confised the name with someone else but can’t think of who it is…My apologies to Ms Myers.

It depends on what you mean by anti-Catholic.

Are you talking about someone who actually bashes the Catholic Church, and uses names like “Whore of Babylon” and “idol worshippers” and “Death Cookie?”

Or are you talking about someone who teach different theology from the Catholic Church, but never actually mention the Catholic Church or criticize Her?

Oh well, it’s very difficult to know, because most of the times the non-Catholic people would teach their churches’ teaching and it differs from the Catholic, such as Sola Scriptura and Sola Fide. Would you think that as threat to the Catholics?

For me personally, I rarely read books by non-Catholic authors. Even SOME Catholics could be very misleading. I had a book written by a priest who disagree with Vatican II. He stated that NO Mass is invalid, etc.

Neale Donald Walsch is very new age and His conversation with God series could mislead people to Neverland. One of the Christian publishers in Indonesia actually translated the book. It’s not even Christian.

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