Is there a list of books Catholics should read in his or her lifetime?

I joined the Church three years ago, and have been hungering for more understanding of the Church, Spirituality, and Prayer. Is there a list of books, old and new that every Catholic should read in his or her lifetime? Whenever I go to the bookstore, I’m overwhelmed, or underwhelmed by the choices, and usually purchase books that I regret having purchased later.
A recommended reading list of current and classic books and authors, sorted by categories would be really helpful for me, and I’m sure others who are new to the Church.

Father McCloskey’s list is a perfect place to start. I also recommend Father John Hardon’s Catholic Lifetime Reading Plan.

The titles listed below are some of my favorites from Father McCloskey’s list.

*Abandonment to Divine Providence *
Jean-Pierre de Caussade

Imitation of Christ
Thomas A’Kempis

*Introduction to the Devout Life *
St. Francis de Sales

*The Complete Stories * Flannery O’Connor

*The Diary of a Country Priest *
Georges Bernanos

*The Imitation of Christ *
Thomas à Kempis

*The Lord *
Romano Guardini

*The Spirit and Forms of Protestantism *
Louis Bouyer

*Transformation in Christ *
Dietrich von Hildebrand

*Woman * St. Edith Stein

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