Is there a mass reading app that contains the alternate daily readings?



I’m frustrated with my mass reading app. I primarily use imissal. Imissal and Laudate only carry the primary readings for the day. Most of the time in my church, the alternate readings are selected and then I am unable to follow along as they are being read.

Is anyone aware of an app that also includes the alternate mass readings for the day?

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The Catholic Lectionary through Verbum (Logos software).

go to


Thanks. I’ll check it out :slight_smile:


Check out iBreviary in the app store. It’s free.:smiley:


Thanks. I have the breviary and use it, but I only see the main readings and not the alternate readings.

Verbum does have the alternate readings, but it’s hard to follow along during Mass, because it’s not in a continuous section. You have to keep going back and forth, clicking here and there to get to where you need to be.



Lighthouse Catholic Media Bible, also has an audio Bible for the NT, very engaging.
Also Laudate app, this one has daily readings and saint of the day.


I have Laudate and its very nice, but it also does not have the alternate daily readings. Verbum is the only smart phone app that I have found that has them. But it is very hard to follow along in Verbum because they are not all grouped together. You have to keep going back and forth.



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