Is there a name for the sin Satan/ Demons committed?


I was thinking about this earlier, we have venial and mortal sins, and while Im quite sure what Satan did in the fall, was a sin, but not sure if this has a ‘class’ or not. If you think about, that particular sin, he and the demons committed, it would be difficult for a human to attempt…but that brings up another question…would it be possible for a human to ever commit the sin satan did…would some of the false prophets be committing that? In that they are trying to get people to worship them, or their idea of what god is.

I know it sounds kind of silly, but what if a man decided he didnt want to worship God or Satan, he wanted something NEW, so he starts calling himself a ‘god’, encourages people to start worshiping him, tries to medal in peoples lives, tries to turn people away from God AND satan? I know this is very hypothetical and off the wall, but what would keep God from accepting this person, like he sort of accepted that Satan was going to be his rival, would God allow the man to continue on, give him a personal ‘region’, like he did with satan?

I guess my point would be…what makes satan so special, that God even admitted he was to be the ruler of this world for a certain time period? Why was satan so special, that God created a special and new place (hell) for satan to be punished in the end? If mankind is more important to God than the angels, seems like he would treat the ‘human rival’ more special (if that makes any sense LOL)? Maybe its getting too late and I need to get to sleep though?


It was a Mortal Sin. It completely severed his relationship with God.

Humans are obviously capable of Mortal Sin. And if one dies in that state, then one’s fate is the same as Satan’s.


So that person would get to rule the earth for a certain time frame then too? He would be given the ability to influence lots of people?


The sin of Satan was Pride, he was shown, partially, GOD’s plan for the humans and chose not to serve HIM, he thinks he can replace GOD by trying to subvert GOD’s plan.

Of course he cannot accomplish this, since GOD already knew Satan would choose to not serve.

I believe Son of Man referred to being destined for hell if a person dies with mortal sin on his soul.
Angels (demons are fallen Angels) are much more intelligent and powerful than humans.


Satan was “special” because he was the highest created being. In this sense, all of creation was inferior to him, and he perceived himself to therefore have a certain authority over it. Some speculate that his sin was that he refused to give that central point in creation up to the Incarnation of the Second Person of the Blessed Trinity, and that his consistent efforts are to make creation subservient to him by sin. He has a certain obsession with getting glory from people.

We can’t sin in that way because we’re only human. Even the lowliest of angels, in a certain sense, has been created with far more glory than we. Likewise, we may make ourselves into gods on a constant basis, but the massive difference there is that we often have no idea what we’re doing. Satan had perfect knowledge of what he was doing. His knowledge and understanding of God was far greater than we can have here on earth.

The other fallen angels committed other sins. My understanding is that, during exorcism, a prime reason to find out their name is because it relates to the type of sin they committed. They are then basically tortured with knowledge of this sin. Since they possess people often as a form of distraction for themselves, amongst other reasons, this possession has to be less of a torture than simply being in the state of hell. When possession becomes more of a torture than hell, they leave.

Also, Fr. Amorth in his book *An Exorcist Tells His Story, on pg. 22, *claims that it was actually the demons who “created” hell. In fact, most of the above information can be found in that book, and I’d recommend it for more information.


I’m sorry to quote myself, but just as an aside to this point:

My understanding is that, in hell, the fallen angels still perfectly understand what they did and, of course, still completely agree with it (they would never will anything else once they make a decision). They understand what they gave up, and that their choice was stupid. Their intellect remains in tact, insofar as understanding is concerned.

Human beings, on the other hand, exist in a sort of insanity, where they convince themselves that their decision to reject God was hardly stupid, but was a *good decision. *This actually becomes a source of torment, and their intellect is shattered.

But I also think that this understanding is not Church teaching, but comes from information gathered from exorcisms. So it should be taken with a grain of salt.


When a soul definitively rejects union with God, it is called final impenitence, or blasphemy of the Holy Spirit. It is the one and only sin that is capable of sending a soul to hell.

Angels do not suffer having a veil of ignorance placed between them and the law of God. They perceive and inuit God with clarity, and therefore, the fundamental choice between good and evil is an infallible (and permanent) one. The spirit Satan, who is somewhat an antithesis to Mary - the first Christian -, is the original culprit of inequity, from whom produced all other culprits of inequity. Satan’s “No” to God paved the way for all “No’s” that were yet to come.


Maybe. I am not sure if this is Church teaching, but I have heard that the damned souls in hell are able to tempt us as well.


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