Is there a need for exorcist in the US?


It’s probably the zeal of thinking of becoming a priest, but is there a need for trained exorcist in the US?


I’d say that if you’re just discerning the possibility of a priestly vocation now, you need to focus more on that, and if you are called to the priesthood you might also be asked to serve as an exorcist. But the first step is to talk with a spiritual director or vocations director and then perhaps to apply to seminary, if you are called to do so. Don’t put the cart before the horse, my friend.



Of course! I happen to know an exorcist here in the states. He does more than exorcise. He is kept quite busy counselling people who are or think they are oppressed or obsessed, too.

Just to be clear, its not like we’re buddies. He was the priest at my highschool, and I talked to him once years later when I learned he was an exorcist. He did tell me a bit about the office, but not in some braggy or gossipy way. He was chosen for the office and he did indicate that he was quite busy.


With the way America is, HOW BOUT A YES!!!


Yes… never more so than now and not just in the US


Apparently every Catholic diocese should have an exorcist. I don’t know if that has been implemented though.


You don’t want to become an exorcist.


Why wouldn’t he? :confused:

If it is God’s Will :getholy:


It isn’t something one should want. It may lead to an unhealthy obsession about things infernal. If it is God’s Will, that is something else. However, one should truly discern, with one’s bishop, the possibility of this being God’s Will.

I want to meet an exorcist. Not because I want to be one, because personally it horrifies me. I want to meet an exorcist so I can learn from him. Who can’t learn something from an exorcist, after all?


I agree people can learn things from them. The one I met knew so much about psychology, sacramentals, poor sinners…he is a wise and humble man. I guess you’d pretty much have to be.


I would not like to be an exorcist, but I would hate to go against God’s Will. Thus, if it were God’s Will that I ake up this duty and service for the Church, then I would. Exorcism is a very delicate subject. Especially after that debacle with Anneliese Michel. Priests who want to be exorcists should pray very hard on this task. As someone currently discerning a vocation to the Priesthood, I have thought about it.

However, I think there is a point that hasn’t been brought up on this thread yet. What America, and the Church, needs are more priests. Because there are two tool sgreater than exorcism, and that is Confession and Holy Mass. Exorcism is an act using Sacramentals, reminders of a sacrament, and prayers in order to rid someone of demons. But someone should first go to the actual Sacraments before going to reminders of the Sacraments. Obviously go to Confession and then Mass. Confession which releases us from the bonds of sin and Communion that allows Christ into our own being. We need Priests to perform these sacraments. The rest to be left to the Bishop.


I guess I should have left out the “want to be” part :ouch: but God still needs them :hmmm: You are in my prayers and truly discern so you may seek your Master’s Will


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