Is there a patron saint for children with Downs' Syndrome?

I’ve searched the internet, but I’ve only been able to find patron saints for childhood illnesses/diseases. Is there a saint that you know of for children with Down’s Syndrome? My friend is having his baby baptized this weekend and the child has Downs’ Syndrome. They don’t yet know how severe it is, but I was thinking a saint’s medal might be a good baptism gift in this case.

I don’t know of a specific patron saint for children who suffer from Downs’ Syndrome, but two possibilities for seriously ill and/or disabled children might be St. Nicholas of Myra (patron of children) and Bd. Margaret of Castello (whom Catholic right-to-life groups have adopted as an unofficial patron of disabled children because of her own experience growing up with severe disabilities).

Recommended resource:

Shrine of Bd. Margaret of Castello

Recommended reading:

The Life of Blessed Margaret of Castello by William Bonniwell

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