Is there a patron Saint of allergies?


I’m just curious, because it feels like I’m allergic to every thing LOL.
Would be cool if there was a patron Saint of allergies. :smiley: Hey there is patron saints for just about every thing so maybe there is one for Allergies :smiley:


I don’t know about allergies per se, but there would be St. Luke, who was a physician.

And there are the martyred physicians Cosmas and Damian or Panteleimon (among others)


I would suggest St. Bernadette of Lourdes… as she suffered her entire life from Asthma… (not quite the same thing, but close).

God bless and Happy New Year :snowing:


wow!!! I did not know that!!! I am asthmatic and have really bad allergies!!! I will start praying to St. Bernadette.:extrahappy:

Hi marie Veronica!!!:smiley:



:smiley: Same here :smiley: :thumbsup:


Hi Eli :wave: How’s my fellow “Angelino” doing? Happy New Year! :wink:


Marie Veronica,
Thankfully I am doing fine. Had a wonderful Christmas with my family. How are you? Still trying to decide if I am going to use a prayer journal.:shrug:
Happy New Year



Doing great, thank you very much! We had a quiet Christmas. I’m very grateful to Our dear Lord for SO much. He is SO good to us. Glad you had a wonderful Christmas too!

I used to keep a prayer journal… but discontinued it. Silly me. :smiley: lol. God bless!


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