Is there a patron saint of Autism?


I have Autism and I’m curious is there a patron saint of Autism?.. I wonder if saint Ubaldo of Gubbio or Saint Thorlak of Iceland fit the subject?


I would have put this under St. Dymphna because she is the Patron Saint of mental disorders which I think also includes neurological disorders.


I looked on the internet for st ubaldo of gubbio and I found on the Wikipedia encyclopedia and the website Catholic dot org… that ubaldo’s patronage is Autistics and people with Obsessive Compulsive Disorders… I can only hope.



Thank you so much for the info


If St. Therese of Lisieux’s sister Leonie becomes canonized, she may well be a Patron of Autism. It is believed that today she would be diagnosed as autistic; back then she was just considered “difficult”.

She is still just a Servant of God on the path to sainthood, so we can’t pray to her publicly (like in a group at church), but you may pray to her privately as much as you like, since devotion to a person is considered a positive factor for their sainthood cause. Perhaps you might also pray for her canonization.


A potential Saint of Autism.


Patron of Iceland


I’d answer, but I think other folks beat me to it. Nice to see fellow ASDers. God bless!


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