Is there a point to praying and fasting during mortal sin?

There is someone I love (not a romantic love) and care about but have lost them. Tomorrow is their birthday which I had hoped to spend with them but I will never see them again. I was planning on fasting for them and offering all my prayers for them tomorrow but as I am in mortal sin is it pointless/fruitless?

As it is for someone else does God still help them or does God put it to one side until I am back in a state of grace and then help them or are they completely unhelpful because of my spiritual state? Would it be better to wait until I have been to confession and then pray and fast for them?

The whole thing confuses me.

It is NEVER pointless to pray & fast. Pray & fast now, go to confession as soon as you can, receive the Holy Mystery of The Eucharist & continue to pray. God knows your intentions, but awaits your actions.


Yes, you can pray & fast before receiving Absolution.

You could make a Act of Perfect Contrition (out of love for God not fear of hell), fast and pray for your friend, and get to confession as soon as you can.

As one saint said, even in the midst of sin… pray!
God desires to you pray even more in such situations.

We can always pray, but if you know your in mortal sin, your first priority in life should be confession , go with out delay .

Those two aren’t mutually exclusive.

Someone may not have desire to go to confession and only through prayer receive the grace to realise the urgency to go to confession.

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Anytime you pray you are only responding to God’s call for you to enter into prayer. His invitation to prayer always comes first and our’s is a response to this. Since He is calling us to it then it cannot be fruitless, ever.

CCC 2567

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