Is there a prayer for fixing what you did by sin?

I was wondering if there is some kind of special prayer for fixing the pain/evil/consequences I caused in other peoples lives through my own sins? Do you guys think Jesus answers an intention like this? I’m sure He does. I realize that I hurt a lot of people through my sins and I wish I could take it all back. Or can I just say this intention when I pray the rosary?

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I don’t think you can fix the pain but you can pray for them and since I don’t have a prayer at hand I think you should make your own so it’ll be a nice personal prayer between you, God, and the person/people you may have hurt in your life. I will pray for them and for you. In your prayer say whats coming from your heart and try apologizing for hurting them. Tell a priest about what you did to the person or people you hurt.


Thank you :slight_smile: that was very helpful!

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Go to confession if you are Catholic. Prayer alone will not “fix” what you did when you sin.


I have already as best is could, that part was in my hands, I’m just thinking I would want to pray for these people since i cant really fix what I did to them.


Perhaps, you can invoke the healing power of God for those people, and for yourself, as sin hurts the sinner as much as the sinned against, usually more. Christ was and is a healer. I would prefer to be optimistic and hope that at least some of the pain can be fixed through love and forgiveness. We’re all human, and we all suffer. Realizing that none of us is perfect can help put some of this into perspective. Once you ask God for healing, then step aside and let Him do it. Bring it to Him and lay it at His feet. God knows what to do, and his will is always righteous.


I usually say Hail Marys for people. I’ll say something like, “O Lord, bless so and so, grant them healing and conversion”, and then I’ll pray my intention through Mary with the Hail Mary. Sometimes when I’m tired I’ll pray for people using the shorter, “O Mary, conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to thee”, offering one for each person in my heart.

For my own penance for my sins, I’ll say prayers on the list of Indulgences that the Church has. Some of my favorites are the Hail Holy Queen and Anima Christi prayers. The rosary is on the list too I think. So you can offer a rosary in reparation for your own sins.


The Sacrament of Confession will forgive you of the sin and help you lessen your attachment to it. However, the consequences of sin is a more tricky topic. You can be a completely reformed individual but your past actions can and will affect your present self.

Here is but one example of a prayer of reparation to the Sacred Heart of Jesus

You have a duty to do so. There is no specific prayer that i know of but the rosary is a great place to start.


If you have made a good confession, stopped the sinful behaviour and done your penance, I think all that is left is to sincerely apologize if you can do so without upsetting them further, fix what you can and include them in your prayers. Do not dwell too much on sin’s that have been forgiven. Work on doing better

Yes, absolutely! We are all called to make reparation for our sins and failings, as well as those of others. Pray for people you have hurt and people who have hurt you. You can make any pious practice–Rosary, chaplet, adoration, other prayer–for this intention.The First Friday devotion to the Sacred Heart, and the First Saturday devotion to the Immaculate Heart are very effective means of reparation. Also, any time the memory of a person you’ve hurt or a person who has hurt you comes to mind, turn it into a prayer for that person. Remember that the wonderful promise of God is that, if you love Him and strive to grow in love of Him, He will make “all things” work together for our good and the good of the whole world–even our past sins and failings. Don’t wallow in the past–it is done and gone–but move forward in growing in love of God.


Psalm 50/51 is penitential and considered to be that ‘of purification’. So imagine this one.
Or you can just place your intention before and after your daily prayers.

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Acts of contrition include recitation of the penitential psalms, of which the most famous is psalm 50, Miserere. It was beautifully set to music by Allegri and includes the words of the Asperges.

The last line, “Build Thou the walls of Jerusalem “ can be seen as a prayer to put right the evil consequences of sin.


Zacchaeus did not pray a request to Jesus to fix things but instead he figured it out for himself how to correct the damage and he actually told Jesus what he was going to do to fix things he had done to hurt people. [Luke 19]
Figure out what one can do to salve the hurt and then delightfully tell Jesus what one figured out that one is going to do - a smile of delight and a twinkle in the eye as one describes it to Jesus, and then go out with that twinkle and carry out the remedy.

And return to tell Jesus how it went.

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Ok I will try to do this :slight_smile: there are certain situations which seem to me like there is nothing I can do or doing anything will make it worse, so for these I suppose I can offer prayers. Or maybe I can pray for Jesus to show me how I could fix it.

Wow, that is very close to how Zacchaeus did it (he told Jesus, “IF I have defrauded anyone, I will restore it fourfold.” So he also was not sure, saying “IF I did this I know how I shall fix it”, but he was so delighted to be noticed and included by Jesus that he was ecstatic to begin acting in love, somewhat like a little child who wants to proudly display his newfound skill at something to his father or mother.

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