Is there a prayer for renewing Brown Scapular commitment?

Question related to today’s Feast of All Carmelite Saints (pray for us!):

I have been wearing the Brown Scapular devoutly for a few years and trying to practice the Carmelite spirituality as required. I was formally invested twice - once at the Blue Army Shrine in NJ and again at the Carmelite Monastery in Philadelphia, just in case. I understand that in USA we do not have individual chapters or meetings of the Scapular Confraternity but that a Carmelite priest or the Blue Army Shrine priests (who were granted the faculties to enroll by the Carmelites) can enroll people in the Confraternity by doing the formal enrollment in the Brown Scapular. I went through the rite of the formal enrollment and also submitted my name on a card to the Blue Army priest who collected the cards from the group he enrolled, and said the names would be recorded. So as far as I know I am definitely enrolled.

I further understand that as a member of the Scapular Confraternity I can get plenary indulgences on certain Carmelite feast days by renewing my commitment to the Scapular Confraternity. This is helpful to me in my regular practice of getting plenaries to give to Holy Souls.

Here is my question: Is there a particular prayer one says to renew one’s commitment?
I cannot find any particular prayer on the Web, and the Rite of Blessing and Enrollment of the Brown Scapular does not seem to contain anything that would work; it’s mostly said by the priest doing the enrollment. I have typically just been making up a renewal of commitment in my own words, something like, “Dear Jesus and Mary, I hereby renew my commitment to the Brown Scapular Confraternity, as required today” etc, but is there some actual prayer I could or should be saying?

Tagging @carmelitequotes and @Dorothy , our resident Carmelite experts, in case they can suggest something here.

Thank you in advance.

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I suppose you could use the consecration to Jesus through Mary prayer just add our Ladies title of Mt Carmel.

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Thanks for asking! I have a copy of the Catechesis and Ritual here at my side and the answer is “no.”

Liturgically speaking, here’s the reason why: there is no statement made by the candidate at the time of enrollment (as you pointed out), such as a promise to fulfill some sort of act, e.g., praying certain prayers.

Because the candidate makes no verbal statement at the time of enrollment – and that statement would become the formula for renewal – there is no particular prayer of renewal. The candidate’s “statement” or prayer of renewal is the ongoing faithful wearing of the Scapular, daily imitation of Mary, and growing in a special relationship with her.

However, if one desired to formally renew one’s commitment “to participate in all the spiritual benefits of the Order of Carmel,” one might prayerfully re-read the Rite of Blessing and Enrollment, letting one or more of the scripture readings be a guide for mental prayer.

Then, one might pray the prayer of blessing, and make it one’s own prayer and petition, substituting “I” and “me” for “they” and “those”, etc.; e.g., “… look with kindness on me, who received devoutly the Scapular of Carmel… may I conform myself to the image of Jesus Christ…”

Note that there are two forms of the Rite for Blessings and Enrolment. The enrolment below is from Rite 1.

That’s my best answer and suggestion. Great question!

Thanks so much! I will read through the Rite again then. And then get to catching up on my rosary.

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I am glad to see you got a response from “carmelitequotes”. I didn’t really know about a particular prayer for the Carmelite Confraternity.

Whenever I notice a thread about something Carmelite or the Brown Scapular I always read it.


I agree there isn’t anything formal. But I find this to be useful.

There’s a novena to Our Lady & a consecration prayer. Both can be said as often as you like.

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