Is there a problem or not? Questions about indefectibility


Hello all,

Due to recent events I have seen many people claim the Pope is directly contradicting previous teachings and is in error (citing EWTN to prove their point). Some have even called him a heretic.

So, did he actually go against previous teaching, or is he really only expanding on it? I thought the Holy Spirit was supposed to act as a safegaurd against this?

Although important, that is not the main reason for my post. I would like to know, is the Church supposed to remain the same organization as it always has been, or can it change forms? I have seen people speculating that groups would break off in order to preserve the “true Catholic faith,” while everyone else would fulfill the great falling away. Is this possible? I ask because I have a deep seeded fear of following the “wrong version of the faith” and facing the eternal consequences.


My two cents…

First about me, so you know your source. I DO NOT agree with the Pope’s move here. My reasons are irrelevant but I want to say that so you know where I come from when I say this:


The death penalty has always been allowed because it has been found to be necessary to protect human life from deranged individuals who seek to destroy it. The pope currently believes that we have reached a point where security in prisons is enough worldwide that we can protect all people from being killed by murderers. As a result, the death penalty is now unnecessary and doing it only destroys precious human life for no just cause. It’s an expansion, not a revision.

Again, I disagree, but that’s neither here nor there. The Pope did NOT change anything and is certainly NOT a heretic. <3


Then I suggest following the teaching of the Church, and ignoring individuals who claim to be more Catholic than the Pope.


In hindsight that has become glaringly obvious. Now I feel a tad bit foolish for not thinking of that.
I appreciate both of your insights.


Don’t feel foolish! This move by the Pope has shaken a lot of us! I, frankly, sent out an email to my spiritual advisor about this whole situation because it’s making me a little uneasy myself. :slight_smile: It’s no small thing! <3


St Cyprian says the Pope is the source of Sarcedotal Union. God was smart. He made a visible leader to make it easy to identify the true church. Augustine says, how do you know the true church. The one under Rome’s control.


Otherwise, why not choose Oriental Orthodoxy, the Armemian apostolic Church, Eastern Orthodoxy? Who split ftom whom? It’s a mess. Fathers know best. Stick with Rome.


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