Is there a red-letter bible that has ALL the words of Jesus in red?

I’ve heard some red-letter bibles have only the words of Jesus in the gospels printed in red …while His words in other books of the new testament are not in red.

Can anyone recommend me a red-letter bible that has every single word Jesus said in red? The new testament only will do me. I was looking at this bible on amazon ( which is a red-letter bible but i don’t know if it has all Jesus’ words in red or not.

P.S. I’d like where someone else is quoting exactly Jesus’ words to be in red too, seeing how these are Jesus’ words too.

This should work for you.

New American Bible with Revised New Testament, Official Catholic Bible, Red Letter Edition,

If you like old English, the Douay-Rheims Catholic Bible has the words of Jesus (only) in red.

Technically, all the words in the Bible are the words of Jesus seeing as how both are the “Word of God.” :wink:

St benedict press catholic scripture study bible RSC Ce Jesus words are in a burgandy red color, darker color than my older bible easier to read. Bright red is stressful. I is called a stuey bible but there is very little cluttering up pages… there is lots of additional pages about tradition and practices, topical indexes, color maps timelines
Flex faux leather cover.

My NIV bible has all of Gods words in red.

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