Is there a resource that tells you who is speaking in each verse of the bible?

I’m currently memorizing bible verses (using the RSVCE translation). Does anyone know a resource that tells you who is speaking each quote in the bible and to whom they are speaking it to?

A bible quote is much nicer understood when you know who is saying it and to whom they are saying it to …but the two main bible resources online ( and don’t offer this.

Well, yeah, the Bible.

I don’t understand the question.

For example, when reading the bible its not always obvious who is speaking. If i was to take a bible quote such as:

“This Jesus God raised up, and of that we all are witnesses.” Acts 2:32

…its not immediately clear who is saying it. I’d have to go back and begin reading to try and figure out who is speaking this verse and to whom. I’m looking for a quicker way to find this out (and a more assured way in case i make a mistake in who i think is saying it).

The “tool” that you’re looking for is called “context.” If you put the verse you quoted into the context of the entire chapter, you can determine that it is Peter who is speaking (v. 14), and that he was speaking to the people who were surrounding the place where the Holy Spirit had just fallen on the 120 (vv. 6-14).

I know that. I said i’m looking for a quicker way to find this information out.

What could be quicker than tracking up the page to see who is speaking?

There are no magic quickie keys to Bible study. It takes time and work, but in cases like this, the investment is minimal.

If a quicker way doesn’t exist that’s ok.

I was just wondering if there was a website somewhere that did this (ie where you could type in a bible quote reference number and it would immediately tell you who was speaking and to whom they were speaking to).

If you are reading the bible, yes it is obvious.

If you are just pulling out random quotes, then no it would not be. In which case you need to switch to reading.

Memorization IS pulling out random quotes (or to be more exact - picking out specific quotes i want to memorize). No one reads the bible and memorizes quotes as they go along. That’s not how memorization is done.

Can people stop replying with unhelpful comments. If you don’t know of such a resource, then just don’t comment :thumbsup:

I am not aware of such a website. Even if there were, it would take longer to go to the computer, type in the reference, and wait for a response than it would take to simply look up the page. 1ke is correct – if you’re not actually reading the Bible, then you need to be.

It would be more correct to say that this is how some people memorize random bible quotes.

Other people use different techniques for memorizing text of the bible, not randomly but methodically through the study of passages over time.

And still others find no need for memorization of random verses at all, but can tell you what the bible says and where it says it because they study the bible.

No one? Are you positive about that?

In your opinion.

I think it is important to engage in dialogue about what exactly you are trying to accomplish. This is not a Catholic approach to the bible.

I’ve read the bible. Now i’m memorizing quotes.

I might not be as big an expert in the bible as most people on here are (as i’ve only read it once). This is why its not always obvious to me who is saying each bible quote. It’d probably be more obvious to people who have read the bible 3 or more times.

But for me, its not always obvious. Thats why i’m looking for a resource. In time, i’ll go back and read the entire bible again. But for the moment, i’d just like to memorize a few verses, maybe 50 or so. And i’m looking for tools to help make this as easy for me as possible.

All of the above. If you purchase certain paper versions, when Jesus speaks, it is put in red. Otherwise, you have to know who wrote the book it is in.

I’ll start off by saying I don’t know of any such online research tool. I don’t think people here are trying to discourage you, but offering you tips. Tracking back up the page to see who is speaking, and who they are speaking to gives you a broader understanding, it allows you to get the whole picture. You can memorize all the quotes you want, but it’s important to understand what the words truly mean. The quotes that speak to you then will be easier to understand and remember.

And what exact “Catholic approach” are you referring to?

Proof texting

Granted, reviewing more than an isolated verse is a good method, he wasn’t talking about proof texting, he was talking about identifying the speaker…there is no Catholic teaching on the only correct way to identify who the speaker in a text is.

And, yes, there are tools (not necessarily internet based) that provide such work which do not detract from exegesis or hermeneutics. I use one such tool regularly, especially when studying teachings of the Church Fathers with citations to (frequently) one verse of scripture that is tied to their writings.

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