Is there a "right mass"?

Is there a correct form of mass? What are the different types? Is there a form I should attend? Are the different forms like denominations? Or are they just for certain times?

Christ had Twelve Apostles who traveled to different regions of the world, so, worldwide, there are minor differences in the liturgy in form and language. Any Divine Liturgy that is is in full Communion with Christ’s Church is a correct liturgy.

Are the different rites of the Catholic Church analogous to the many different protestant denominations with their divergent theologies? No, absolutely not. The Universal Catholic Church shares One Apostolic Faith transmitted by Christ two thousand years ago.

ok so its like a difference in how they worship during mass like a different “style” of service correct?

I suppose that we could say that. The Catholic Christian liturgy always centers on the Holy Eucharist, preceded by Scripture and teaching, the “Liturgy of the Word.” The Latin term “Mass” is used to describe the Liturgy in the Western, Latin rite, Church.

Eucharist being communion correct? So its Scripture than communion, Mass must be short if thats all it is

Here is what the Mass is criptically:

Beginning Prayers
3 readings from the Scriptures with psalms between.
Homily or Preaching

Prayer intentions
Prayers over our gifts.
Prayer changing the bread/wine into the flesh and blood of Jesus.

Prayers preparatory to receiving communion
Reception of Holy Commmunion, the real flesh and blood of Jesus.
Hymn/prayer at end

There may be other emblishments depending of what we are celebrating: Incense, more candles, more servers and readers, multiple priests, church decorations, etc.

In the Roman(western) Catholic church there is the OF (ordinary form) of the mass which was just described above.

And the other EF (extrodinary form) of the mass which is said in Latin and the ceremonies date from pre-vatican II days, before 1963. The altar is against the back wall, and the priest also faces away from the people toward the back wall. But it is basically the same as the OF other than this.

Then there is the Eastern Catholic Church Mass which is of eastern origin. This mass is in the native languange, coptic, syrian, etc. The altar is more in the center of church and the people stand. Much incense is used, and it is more oriented to the eastern style of prayer. This mass has basically the same parts as the western OF and EF masses: prayers, scriptures, blessing of gifts, the change of bread and wine into the flesh and blood of Jesus, and Holy Communion. Their ceremonies are a slight bit different.

May God our Father give you grace and peace.

Mass on a Sunday is normally about one hour although I have attended some that went much longer.
Weekday Masses are shorter then one hour.

Thanks everyone, I appreciate your guidance - God bless all of you

There is not “right” form of the Mass. Every Mass is valid and OK to attend. Attend whichever Mass you want. :thumbsup:

I think we should change this to “Every Mass that the Vatican says if valid is OK to attend.” Otherwise you can get into sticky situations :thumbsup:.

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