Is there a right or wrong way to view the world?


Start any political post here ranging from abortion to political brutality to sexual harassment to the separation of children from their parents. There are so many views. People value different topics. I know online here it can be easy to vilify the opposite party’s views. Is there an ultimate right or wrong answer for a political issue? If there is such a variety of opinions, is there such thing as a Godly view?


I know people online here complain about political correctness or oversensitivity as being social issues. I don’t feel that way. How come? Is it wrong? My personal experiences cannot seem to align with the way conservatives tend to see the world. I understand the stands on abortion, euthanasia, etc.


I do see ‘vilification’ of views on abortion or euthanasia, but for most of the rest, people are objecting to techniques of debate or information sharing rather than the underlying view itself.


Yes, there is: that way is through the lens of the truth of the One, Holy, Catholic Church.


The way ‘debate’ occurs today is far more rancorous than in the past. Civil exchange must be the rule, not who speaks the loudest or the most often.


When did people debate civilly? How is my generation too sensitive?


What does that have to do with politics though? I understand the abortion thing or euthanasia,etc. Overall, my personal experience and beliefs don’t tend to align with the conservative party. Apparently that’s the Catholic party and I cannot seem to reconcile that. I’m not going to deny my personal experience for suit a political party’s beliefs on social issues.


Do you think if most people were more educated or rational they would hold conservative beliefs?


If the political view contradicts the laws of God or His Church, it’s wrong.


I’m not sure where you got that… The Republican/Conservative party absolutely does not line up with the Church on everything, and there is no official party of the RCC


I understand that completely.


That’s the vibe I’m getting from on here. The conservative party is the Catholic party because it is against abortion, euthanasia, etc. I don’t know how to feel about a lot of those issues. The church teaches it is wrong and non negotiables. I haven’t explored the issues myself. I’m more in the gray. I don’t think they are right but I don’t think they are completely wrong either.


Yeah, but conservatives are also pro-death penalty, somewhat anti-migrant, and not the most supportive of the environment, which the RCC opposes


As Catholics I don’t think we fit anywhere on the political spectrum.


I’m clearly conflicted if it is not obvious from my numerous posts. I don’t know how to feel on the non-negotiables. Even the death penalty is debatable for me. I don’t think it is right at all nor do I think it is completely wrong. If I come from an emotional stance, I think it is completely wrong.


Maybe we should form our own political party


I’ve heard a few CAFers mention these folk


This kills them for me personally. We’re trillions in debt, fiscal liberalism is a terrible strategy.


I mean in regards to social welfare.

Look into them more, I may have somewhat misrepresented them.


I’ve looked into them quite a bit, they have several policies that directly contradict my own beliefs. I’m sure they’re well intentioned but I don’t see them as a better option than either of the two major parties.

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