Is there a rule about wearing a Rosary?

I always feel much safer and at peace when I have my Rosary with me, but unfortunately, I’m not always able to carry it in my hand. Would I be allowed to wear it around my neck, or is it not allowed? I’m sorry for asking a dumb question, but I don’t want to commit a sin, nor do I want to do anything wrong. Thank you all for answering!

I don’t know if it is a sin or not, but I’ve always heard that we shouldn’t wear them.

There was a thread on here a few weeks ago that basically concluded that it’s fine to wear a rosary in any way you wish within reason–as long as you are doing so as a sign of reverence and not for some secular style-thing such as adulterating one to turn it into a pair of ear rings. Many priests and nuns used to wear a rosary as a belt for part of their habit. What the other thread-posters (all of whom are far wiser than myself I’m sure) said, was that it’s fine to wear a rosary around your neck or wrist or whatever as long as you recognize that a rosary is a sacramental. It’s not right to hang one over your rear view mirror–unless you again are doing so asking Mary for protection when you drive. I always keep a rosary in my car–I have several rosaries–but if I don’t leave one in my car, I tend to get to church where we say the rosary before mass and find that I left mine home. (I’m probably the only woman alive who doesn’t usually carry a purse and I’m getting forgetful I guess! LOL!) Anyway, I hang one in my car and I too was curious if it were allowed–especially when 1 week I passed a teen in a car who I happen to know is neither Catholic nor religious and he had one danglling from his rearview mirror along with a peace sign or some such. I was assured however, that my placement was perfectly acceptable–but the kid’s, maybe not so much.

I never heard of such a rule, and I believe I would have heard of such a rule if there is one.
I don’t see that you are doing anything wrong, in view of your attitude to this.

God knows the heart- and having a Rosary close to that heart would be seen as a tribute to the Blessed Mother … I’ve seen they now even make them with a clasp so you can wear them… it’s certainly no different than wearing the rosary ring or a chaplet bracelet…:thumbsup:

You can wear a rosary for spiritual comfort and aid, just not as a decorative fashion item. The one I ordered is kind of big for a necklace but I’m going to buy a smaller one for this purpose also :thumbsup:

There is no rule.

There is no such rule.

There is no rule about this. I’m at work right now and I’m actually wearing mine around my neck now. I believe that if you wear it, you must wear it faithfully and with respect. Don’t treat it as a piece of jewlery or some fashion accessory.

There are no rules about wearing a rosary. None.

As many posters above have said, there is no explicit rule about how a rosary can be used, but only that it be used with respect. I’m sure you know what that means and can act accordingly.

The is not a “rule” per say, just common sense. Wearing it around the neck can send the wrong message to others that this is just another piece of jewelry, especially to non-Catholics and those that don’t understand it. You always can wear it under your clothes. Likewise in places like schools, wearing a rosary have been banned because it has unfortunately was become a “gang” symbol. I think from what you said that you want to wear it as part of your devotion. When religious orders wear rosaries, as someone pointed out, it is on their hips, not around their necks. Yes there are rosary neckless brackets sold in stores. In whatever you decide to do, just consider who is going to see it and will it be misinterpreted or misunderstood by others and then act accordingly.

Thank you all so much for your answers and input! I am definitely not going to wear it as a fashion statement or a piece of jewelry, as I know how sacramental it is, and how it should not be abused. Wonderful answers! Thanks again! :thumbsup:

Read the book ‘Secrets of the Rosary’.

Wearing a blessed Rosary around your neck (under clothing) reverently is one of the most powerful forms of spiritual protection there is. Make sure it stays in contact with your skin.

My Rosary was blessed by (Blessed) John Paul II, and I thank you very much for telling me this! :thumbsup:

The Rosary is a **sacramental **and it must be treated reverently. It can be worn. There have been many threads that ask this and this is a majority of the thinking. If not an “official” rule, perhaps an “unwritten” rule.

There are urban environments - I live near one - where the “rule” regarding wearing the Rosary is that if you’re in a certain gang, you have to wear it. That unfortunate message should be taken into account, if appropriate, when deciding to wear a Rosary I would think. I’m also puzzled by the fact that people have been showing devotion to the Rosary for decades, nay centuries, but only in the last 5 or so years have I seen them worn around one’s neck. Wondering where this practice came from.

Just so you guys know, I do not want to wear a Rosary for gang-related purposes. I want to wear it for my protection against all things evil, as I believe I am being spiritually attacked, and have nothing else to protect me. Not even my blessed cross is helping me now.

In my case it comes from getting older, walking with a cane and an inability to remember a purse (which I kept leaving in shopping carts, etc) so I quit using a purse regularly. BUT, if it’s around my neck I have it with me when I get to church–unless, of course, I forget my head that morning–always a possibility!:rolleyes:

In the Middle Ages many people wore their paternoster beads (the precursor to our rosaries) and later, rosaries, around their necks or dangled them on their arms or belts, although it was also apparently frowned upon in those days since these were usually used as fashion statements. (As you can see, nothing has changed :D) Although that didn’t stop people from portraying Jesus and Mary themselves wearing rosaries around their necks.

BTW, didn’t we have a discussion of the sort last year? You were there too!

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