Is there a rule restricting the chalice to Mass use?

My friend is in Afghanistan serving as a Chaplain’s assistant for a Catholic priest. His priest does not have his own chalice for mass so he uses a Protestant minister’s chalice. I believe this is wrong and have ordered a complete ‘travel mass kit’ for this priest to use. Am I correct in believing the Precious Blood should not be in a chalice which is also used for a ‘grape juice’ ceremony?

Is there an ‘official’ rule on this?


Dear llauzon,

Yes indeed there is. Number 1360 from “The Book of Blessings” from The Roman Ritual states: “The chalice and paten in which wine and bread are offered, consecrated, and received, since they are intended solely and permanently for the celebration of the Eucharist, become “sacred vessels.” “Eucharist” here is to be understood as the valid Eucharist, consecrated by one who has the power to consecrate the bread and wine. This certainly rules out its use with grape juice.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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