Is there a Saint Cameron?

I haven’t found reference to a Saint Cameron! I found one website, that said he was a martyr who was martyred in Italy, but it also says not much information has survived. Does anyone know if there is a Saint Cameron?

Here is the website

Sure there is, just like the index says, an early martyr… but finding out more about him may be tough – if there is something to find. :thumbsup: The Index might be incorrect about no other info surviving, it might not be – I’ve seen it mistaken about that in the past, but it is a great resource.

It’s great to pray to saints even when you know very little about their lives, and their feast days are great days to especially say some prayers.

I believe this saint’s name is also recorded as Camerinus, in the martyrologies.

Ah wait, I have found out a little more in the Roman Martyrology:

“In Sardinia, the birthday of the holy martyrs Luxorius, Cisellus, and Camerinus, who were put to the sword in the persecution of Diocletian, under the governor Delphius.”

That is the info I have. They must have died together, friends and martyrs together. :slight_smile:

Their feast day is called a ‘birthday’ because they were martyred for Christ that day. :slight_smile:

The latest edition of the Martyrology only records Luxorius and omits the other two that were given in earlier editions- looking through the index, their names do not appear anywhere.

I’m afraid I only have the 1914 edition available. :slight_smile:

That said, I would not have a problem expressing the possibility of reasonable doubt over any revisions done removing names. The historical-critical method has gone off the deep end of late, yet still reigns. We may see the revisions, unrevised later on – though I also must say I have absolutely no idea why they do not appear now, and there may be sufficient reasons.

Actually, the Roman Martyrology has never intended to be an exhaustive list of saints.

The stadard formula at the end of each day’s reading is “And in other places, many other holy saints, martyrs, confessors, and virgins” or similar words.

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