Is there a saint for everything?


Is there a saint for everything? One might pray to Saint Anthony when they’re trying to find something. Do you know where I could find a list of all the saints and what they’re for? Thanks.


There are Patron Saints for many things…

Here is an index of Patron Saints

Here an index of Saints

You may also find this page helpful

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There is not a patron saint for everything.

However, you can often stretch the patronage of a saint to include similar categories.

E.g., there is no patron saint of pigeons. However, St. Denis is the patron saint of doves.

There is not now, nor is there ever likely to be, a patron saint of dinosaurs. However, St Francis of Assisi, patron saint of animals, would be a good choice. If the dinosaur is purple and named Barney, then St Antony the Abbot, patron saint of domestic animals, might be more appropriate.


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