Is there a SAINT Mary?


Is there a SAINT Mary?? The reason I ask is there is a hospital near my hometown named “St. Mary’s”. I have looked under many lists of Saints and have never run across one. By the way my first name is Mary!!


Saint Mary = The Blessed Virgin Mary = the Mother of Jesus

I’m sorry, am I missing something here?


isnt Mary Magdelen also a saint? I know there is plenty


There is also St. Mary of Egypt. :wink:


Plenty of other saints named Mary as well - I think this list doubles up on a few though:

Mary Ann de Paredes
Mary Ann of Jesus Navarro
Mary Assunta
Mary, Blessed Virgin
Mary Baouardy
Mary Bernard Soubirous
Mary de Cerevellon
Mary de la Cabeza
Mary di Rosa
Mary Elizabeth Hesselblad
Mary Euphrasia Pelletier
Mary Fontanella
Mary Frances of the Five Wounds of Christ
Mary Frances Schervier
Mary Gabrielle Sagheddu
Mary Hermina Grivot
Mary Henrietta of Providence
Mary Joseph Rosello
Mary Mackillop
Mary Madeline Postel
Mary Magdalen
Mary Magdalen of Pazzi
Mary Magdalen Panattieri
Mary Magdalen Sophie Barat
Mary Magdalene Martinengo
Mary Mamala
Mary Margaret Dufrost de Lajemmarais d’Youville
Mary Restituta Kafka
Mary Rose de Loye
Mary Rose Julia Billiart
Mary Salome
Mary Soledad
Mary Teresa Bonzel
Mary Teresa of Saint Joseph
Mary Victoria Fornari
Mary Victoria Strata
Mary of Cleophas
Mary of Cordoba
Mary of Edessa
Mary of Egypt
Mary of Jesus Crucified
Mary of Oignies
Mary of Providence
Mary of Saint Ignatius Thevenet
Mary of the Cross

Now, if the church is JUST called St Mary’s, and not, for example, ‘St Mary Magdalen’ or ‘St Mary of Egypt’, then it can be assumed that it’s named after the Blessed Virgin.


First Australian Saint. LilyM mentioned her…
We’re on our way to an Australian St Mary. Currently she is Blessed Mary MacKillop…she’s a distant cousin of mine who founded an order of the Sisters of St Joseph of the
Sacred Heart in 1866, to help and to teach the poor.
Mary died in 1909 and was beatifed in 1995


Went to her tomb in North Sydney here a few months ago … fantastic!


Hi Mary :wave: You have a GREAT name! I’m named after Our Blessed Mother, too! Middle name… Marie. :smiley:

As you can see… from the other responses… the answer to your question is “yes”… there have been lots of saints, bearing the name of “Mary”.

But I interpreted your question, more specifically to be asking if Mary, Mother of God… can be called “St. Mary”. Is that correct? I think that’s what you’re asking.

The answer to that would be YES. Our Lady can indeed, be called “St. Mary”… because She is Queen of Saints! However, She is not USUALLY called by that title. She has many more, loftier titles… “Mother of God”, “Queen of Heaven” etc. So… it’s not common to refer to Her as “St. Mary”.

Did that make any sense? :shrug: lol. Hope so. It was a good question! God bless.


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