Is there a separate male and female essence?


According to Dr. Peter Kreeft, - (Catholic Christianity), "Our sexual identity extends to our souls, our personalities, our spirits. There is indeed a ‘feminine mind’ and a ‘masculine mind’ … To think of one’s soul as neither masculine nor feminine is to separate body and soul artificially, as did the ancient Gnostic’s, and to think of the soul as a sexless ‘ghost in the machine’ instead of as the life and form of the body…is wrong.

Is it possible then, that a feminine soul, personality, or spirit, at conception could end up in a male body? If this happened twice then there would be two male bodies walking around with female minds or essences. They just might find each other attractive. Could this explain homosexuality ? Two male essences trapped in female bodies might explain lesbianism ??


I am not going to prenet to know the answer to your question. It is probably much more complex than a simple yes or no.

But to your theory that a homosexual male person might actually be a female mind trapped in a male body. If that person feels attarcted to another female mind in a male body, does this not imply that he is attarcted by the body and not the mind? Otherwise homosexual men would be attracted to heterosexual men, not to other homosexual men.


An interesting idea. However, it still supposes that the soul is separate in a sense from the body, that is, a spiritual soul trapped in a physical body.

Dr. Kreeft, with many others, adheres to a different view. If I understand the idea correctly, it is that the spiritual soul and the physical body are one and congruous. A human being is not a body paired up with a soul. Rather, a human being is both body and soul.


When I read that we are made in the image of God i intuit that refers to our souls not our bodies, otherwise you might ask which gender is made in the image of God, male or female. So I also feel that God is both or neither gender and our souls are the same. What we learn here as a male or female undoubtedly affects our souls in subtley different ways but generally the trials of life through which we develop our souls are similar for both genders, dare I say it! That’s just my feeling on the matter.


Well yes, I think attraction to the body usually comes first in relationships. And remember “he” is a true female essence who normally finds the look of a male’s body to be attractive. The same for the other “he”.


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