Is there a single site to see the texts of synods/councils?

I’m doing some research, and usually can find Church document information by a careful paring down of an internet search. At times though I come up empty. Do you folks know of any one source that’s a good storehouse for things like the texts of synods/councils? The site sometimes helps as does the Catholic Encyclopedia (NewAdvent), but I’m hoping there’s a place I’m not aware of that would be a good first spot to check for such texts. Thanks!

There is an app called iPieta that has all the synods and councils as well as encyclicals, church fathers, bibles, commentaries, prayers, and much more. It is a wealth of information.

That’s a tough one.

A lot of the councils haven’t been translated into English. You have Schaff’s Seven Ecumenical Councils, but they’re not complete translations, only bits and pieces selected from the synodal literature. Most translations floating around on the web are very incomplete.

If you can read Greek and/or Latin, a very complete collection of conciliar documents can be found freely in Labbe-Cossart’s Sacrosancta Concilia or Mansi’s Sacrorum Conciliorum. They essentially contain all synodal literature (even minor councils) prior to their publication dates in the 17th and 18th centuries.

Unfortunately they can be very difficult to read as they are scans of 17th and 18th century publications. The Greek can be especially challenging as the printers utilised a plethora of obsolete Byzantine ligatures. The last several pages of this document is very helpful in decoding the ligatures (which often don’t even resemble their underlying Greek characters).

Sources of Catholic Dogma online (old numbering)

This site has gone beyond encyclicals and now includes a wide range of info.

I think all the councils are there, not so sure about synods.

Thank you all very much for the links!

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