Is there a sociology to youtube comments sections?

I titled this posting that b/c (even though the word sociology might be a stretch in this case) I’m sure that we’ve seen some phenomena in the comments section that’s peculiar to video streaming sites comments sections of various videos can produce some insightful,predictable reactions,interesting and sometimes honestly funnny (I mean how many of us go to a vid just to read the comments ;)) things to say.What seems to happen more though is how the worst is brought out in ppl.

Excluding the chances for anonymous ppl to be obnoxiosly vulgar and “all thunder but no lightning”,there’s those absurd comments agianest a/o about religion that ppl make even on videos not even remotely related to religion.Those are uncomfortable things that are for the most part absurd to do and I really wish that ppl would do those things on forums the proper grounds for such things.There’s also the big cases of bias.As an anime liker personally I cringe and roll my eyes when it’s ppl who whenever the DB series is mentioned they comment under the whisperings of surgically implanted rose-tinted lenses and spew out fire like a dragon to anyone who says about bad about it.I like DB just okay but I swear -_-* that esp.if I was like a pop culture university student I could write a dissertation on Akira Toriyama,his influence,the Dragonball franchise and LOTS on it’s shortcomings AND what it could have done to be better.

So even though the word sociology might be stretching it (I could have used anthropology or psychology as well) my question is,is there a trend or pattern to the behaviour of ppl in youtube comments sections:hmmm: and the results they have like the maker of the commented vid have to make a reaction vid?.Also if your reaction to any of this has been this—>:rotfl:–>it’s understandable:o.

*From what I’ve read in the anime fans thread Mr.Slyvester has actually debated with such ppl.Myself I try to avoid those things but I did get a reply from someone who I’m guessing was either or agnostic (or from the wording of the response) an atheist.I’m not going to reply there what with the chances of other ppl of any beliefs ganging in.

Yes. Godwin’s Law is at play.

The more posts there are, the more obnoxious, and illiterate they become.

Eventually someone calls someone else a Nazi.

Original Sin.

I love your post. I agree with everything you have said. I would really love to see some statistics. I mean, is it really as many people as it seems being rude and insulting to the extreme, or is it a consistent minority actively generating angst and getting bites out of people like me.

A minority I’d say. Don’t worry about it too much, just be prepared for venom.

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