Is there a special benefit to say a prayer in latin?

I was wondering if saying a prayer in latin has special benefit in the same spirit as when St Augustine talks about sung prayers that count as a double prayer.

I like to pray in latin sometimes and feel like it has a different effect on my soul and faith.

Thank you for your answer.


There is no extra spiritual benefit to saying a prayer in one language over another. Obviously, if one language moves someone as more beautiful than another then there would be a personal spiritual connection to praying in that language, but that would be a personal taste and not an objective reality. Its not unlike someone people always pray kneeling while others usually sit, there’s not right or wrong its just a matter of what is personally more conducive.

If you personally find praying in Latin more spirituality uplifting then feel free to continue to do so. Prayer is ultimately about our hearts and if Latin moves your heart more than another language then that’s great.

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