Is there a specific name for these tiny medals?


Almost a year back I purchased a tiny St Benedict medal to wear attached to my MM. I wanted to have a St Benedict to wear but didn’t want something huge that might clank. I was wondering if these tiny medals had a special name so that I could google them. I’m interested in trying to fine a Divine Mercy medal that is in the same style. Thanks.:slight_smile:



Try googling MM medals for babies/children. I have two of them and both of them were sold (in Catholic bookstores) as for little ones.


Wow - thanks to both of you! I do have a tiny MM that my baby wears at times. My older boy has a tiny pendant of his saint as well. I was told by someone once that they are called ‘watch medals’, but a google search of that term wasn’t very helpful. Thanks again!


I think they’re called bracelet medals.


they used to make watch charms like this, back when people wore pocket watches. every baby born in a Catholic hospital was given a tiny blue or pink miraculous medal pinned to their shirt, still have mine & my kids’ in the baby books


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