Is there A Tridentine Mass anywhere in LA? (need help please)

hello all,
I am going to Los Angeles, this week for the Summer. I have to care for an aged relative. I was wondering is there A tridentine mass anywhere in the city? I attend the Indult here in my Hometown, and I would really like to continue this, while I am in LA. I was in LA (first time) back in January, when my Aunt first became ill. I couldn’t even get a priest on the phone, to ask moral questions, about “end of life” issues. concerning my Aunt. So if anyone could help me i would really appreciate it. My aunts house is in Torrance, right off PCH1

Thanks, and God Bless
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Try this:

In the general Los Angeles area there are I believe 3 or 4 under the Indult, at least 2 and maybe more SSPX . In addition there is 1 in Long Beach and 1 in San Diego. The Traditio web site has a listing as well as tghe link listed in the previous post. It is a bit old, though are some new masses that don’t appear on that site.

Thanks so much for the info
God bless
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