Is there a way for seminarians to learn the Extraordinary Form?


If there is a young man who is studying to be a priest for a certain diocese, is there a way he can learn the Extraordinary Form through the seminary? Of course, it may vary from seminary to seminary. The FSSP seminary obviously instructs their men in the Extraordinary Form. However, I’m curious about your everyday diocesan major seminaries, like St. Charles Borromeo in Philadelphia. Do they offer some kind of training for the Tridentine Mass? And I realize the FSSP actually offers summer workshops for current priests learning the Extraordinary Form, but I am curious about actual preparation during major seminary. Thanks


I’m here in Philadelphia and I know that recently, they started celebrating the Mass in the Traditional Latin way.
I also believe that it is now being offered at the seminary. I’m not sure 100%


Talk to your Diocesan Vocations Director. They know all of major seminaries and their programs.


I was under the impression (mind you, no fact here) that a seminarian could ask permission to study the EF elsewhere if it was not covered at his seminary.


If there is a problem, you might want to contact the Canons of St. Cantius in Chicago for EF instructions. There is also a program for Latin and Greek studies. There are probably others but this one is just off the top of my head.


I know many of the Priests and Brothers from St. John Cantius and have inquired about discerning a vocation with them. They send most of their seminarians to either Mundelein or Holy Apostles Seminary in Cromwell, CT. I know at Holy Apostles you can learn the EF Mass and another seminary I am familiar with that does this is Kenrick-Glennon in Saint Louis, MO.

You may have to check around to see what seminaries offer what. I know for the price and their reputation for Orthodoxy, Holy Apostles in Connecticut is tough to beat.


Thanks for the response everyone.


Other than learning it on your own (or through another priest), I can tell you that your options are pretty limited as a seminarian, unless the seminary already has an established program.:shrug:

Really, at the end of the day, I’d take the argument that it’s better to focus on your current studies than to worry about learning different forms of the Latin Rite on the side. Seminary involves so much work as it is, to attempt to shove the Extraordinary Form into the limited time in seminary not only does a disservice to one attempting it, but the People of God, who he is ultimately called to serve. There is plenty of time for that after ordination, especially as an associate pastor during the summer.:smiley:

This is not only my opinion as a seminarian, but also the opinion of my pastor, who actually did go for the FSSP summer workshop.:thumbsup:


Thanks for the reply


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