Is there a way to take or integrate online RCIA courses is you're attending a parish church?



I’m wanting to join the church. Yet, I’m finding that attending all there is for RCIA in person to be quite difficult given my family/work schedule has me jump between the coasts. I’ve been attending Mass and Adoration with a pair of churches (one on either end of the country) and am hoping there’s a way to do much of the study online if either is willing to work with me.

Many thanks.


Welcome, @Andy_82.

Much of it will really depend on where you enroll in RCIA. There is really no nationwide RCIA program so each diocese and even parish will do things differently. Some treat RCIA as an academic program where they track how often people are “absent” and others have a more laid back approach. RCIA is about presenting information, but more to the point it’s about conversion. Given that you are regularly attending adoration it sounds like you are well along that path, my brother.

Your best bet is to contact the parish where you live and explain the situation with your travel schedule. Any reasonable parish will make accommodations to work around your schedule. I would suggest working with the parish where you actually live because it is the pastor of that parish that has the care of your soul. You can explain that you also are at the other parish for work so perhaps they can work something out between the two.

I will keep you in my prayers and ask God provide his choicest blessing on you.


I agree with Usiage. Chat with your Parish Priest and work out how this can be done. For example many Diocese have links with Daytona’s university for faith forming. There are courses available online


RCIA is a process, a group of rites that prepare for baptism and the other sacraments of initiation, or full communion and confirmation.

RCIA contains a catechesis component. The catechesis is typically done in group sessions at a parish because it is efficient. That is not the only way the catechesis can be accomplished. Private instruction, self study, etc, can all be options. Talk to your pastor about it.

As for the rites themselves, they are typically scheduled on Sundays beginning in Advent and moving into Lent. You could get a schedule ahead of time so that you could coordinate being in your home parish for the rites. Also, if you are not able to attend a rite or rites due to travel, they are not required, in the strict sense, for receiving the sacraments.

Please talk to your pastor.


Thank you for asking this question. The responses have been helpful to me.


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