Is there a way to


go directly to the last post in a thread?


I could tell you; however, you might use it against me and become my enemy. Therefore, I must leave you ignorant…


you would never be an enemy to me :slight_smile:


You’se guys are snots.

Go to post count. Say it says 3 of 543. If you click on it, you’ll get a dialog, bottom left that says “jump to”. Click. Enter 543

Presto, you are at the end.

Similarly you can go anywhere in the thread that way.


Now, don’t hate me either. :smile:


If you’re on a computer, just use the “end” button and you’ll jump to the bottom of the list…


all of this is a little bit over my head;

on the “ancient” v-bulletin boards you just “press” “last post” and you are there

i’ll’ve’d’ had to have attempted to capture these “compooter” skills


where is “post count” ?


i don’t see an “end” button

am i missing something here?


Just below current read post on right. Should read 7/8 or thereabouts for this thread


this tutorial is not working for me

i am not kompooter illiterate’

i’ll try again tomorrow


What device are you using? Desktop, phone, tablet?


windows desk top


Ok, then on your keyboard there is a home button and below that an end button. Should be on the top near the delete button.

Try using them…they will take you to the top or the bottom of any screen when you use your internet browsers.


Here are two other ways to scroll to the end of a thread:

  1. Open the thread. See the very thin blue line on the right hand side? It has the date the thread opened at the top, and it tells you where you are in the thread, like 11/56 for example. At the bottom of the line it says when the last post was made…for example, it might say 2h ago.

That thin blue line has a cursor on it. You can move it up or down or to whatever post you want. Click and drag it up or down, or just click on the very bottom of the line.

  1. On the very, very right hand side of your screen is your browser scroll slide. You can also slide that up and down. You might have to put your cursor at the bottom of the slide and hold it while the screen scrolls down to that point.

You could also do

  1. Scroll like a madman on your mouse but you’ll get carpal tunnel in your finger. :grin: It’s better to get “kampooter” literate.

Hope that helps!!


thank you for your help

i don’t see a “thin blue line”

you must be qualified to operate a nuclear reactor;

i’ll just “scroll like a madman”

thanks for trying to help me, showers; i’ve always appreciated you


You’re welcome. At least I tried. :wink:

Look for the Home and End keys on your keyboard. They’re right between insert/delete and page up/page down.


If you’re not replying it should be to the right of the posts. Can you post a screenshot?

We may be able to help then.

One other trick that may help is if you know how many posts are in the thread replace the last number in the URL with the number of the last post.


thank you !!!


You’re welcome. I guess one or other worked.


the “number” thing works like a charm

thank you,

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